Algiers gives up Spanish fire planes because of the crisis

The more arsonist you die! Such seems to be the current slogan of the corporals regime in Algiers. Last summer, Algeria had faced devastating fires in several regions of the country, resulting in numerous human losses, particularly in Kabylie, and thousands of hectares of vegetation that went up in smoke.

This had pushed the Algerian authorities to take the lead and solicit foreign companies (Russia, Spain, United States, etc.) to acquire water bomber planes, the most effective means of fighting fires. However, according to the Spanish site Mena Defense, specializing in military news, a few months ago, civil protection had called on the Spanish company “Plysa” for the needs of coverage of the forest fire season. with the dispatch to Algeria, at the beginning of July, of seven Thrush 710 P. August 2021 fires.

This success had led Spain to sign a commitment with Algeria which began in April 2022. However, the Mena Defense site is surprised, Algeria has given up an agreement to purchase water bomber planes Spanish firefighters, because of the diplomatic crisis that has persisted for several months between the two countries, following the change in Madrid on the question of the Moroccan Sahara.

Even more astonishing, the planes had to be delivered immediately, especially since the summer season is currently marked by very hot weather in Algeria, which represents a greater risk of fires. According to the specialized site Mena Défense, the Algerian authorities have refrained from buying firefighting planes from the Spanish company “Plysa”, a specialized subsidiary of the airline Air Nostrum, for the supply of water bomber planes.

Interior Minister Kamel Beldjoud revealed last June that Algeria had chartered a plane from Russia to put out the fires. On June 15, 2022, a Beriev BE 200 firefighting aircraft», rented for three months, landed at Houari Boumediene airport. To intervene in the operations of extinguishing forest fires.

The Minister of the Interior also announced that the plane was chartered for a period of three months, from June 15 to September 15, stressing that it is a single launcher with a large capacity. It can interfere in all places. This constitutes an additional means of assistance to the elements of civil protection. But for all that, and despite the fact that the Thrush 710Ps proved their effectiveness last year on the ground, during the fires that claimed victims and ravaged several villages and hectares of forest in Kabylia, the Spanish bombers were not there. you as agreed this year. Algeria having simply decided to cancel the contract with the Spaniards.

This decision, to say the least absurd, and which disconcerts by its ridiculousness could have consequences on the ground this summer, “especially since preparatory measures had taken place, in particular the development of intervention tracks and a stock of spare parts“Explains the same media. Contacted by the same site, the company Plysa, said to have “taken note of the sovereign decision of Algeria to which the Director General of the company adheres” and says to himself “ready to respond to all requests from the Algerian authorities, if there is a need to make water bombers available at any time“.

The president with the unpronounceable name, for his part, kicks into touch even if it means putting his people in danger, nif obliges. He said he had instructed the leaders of the National Army to initiate contacts with foreign companies to acquire planes to put out the fires. Algeria intends to buy 8 Russian planes to put out the fires and has initialed the contract for the acquisition of Russian Beriev BE-200 multi-mission planes. The first aircraft is expected to be delivered in 2023 and will come into operation for next season.


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