Algeria reacts with virulence after the opening of the Togolese consulate

Morocco now has 27 foreign consulates inaugurated in its southern provinces, in the Sahara. Last on the list is none other than Togo, a country that had recognized the self-proclaimed republic SADR, an invention of Algeria. Moreover, this news did not pass in Algiers since Amar Belani, a diplomat, showed the degree of irritation of the Algerian generals in the face of this news.

They are mostly African countries to support Morocco, by opening consulates in Laayoune and Dakhla to show their formal rejection of separatism and the Machiavellian project of Algeria, and their unconditional support for the Moroccanness of the Sahara.

Among them is Togo, which has just inaugurated on July 21 the last of the consulate in Dakhla. This inauguration, which seems normal at this stage, is in fact important and full of symbolism.

It is so important that it made Algeria react through its service clerk, Amar Belani, the special envoy in charge of the Sahara at the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who gave a long interview on this subject to the TSA site.

“Some of the States concerned by these openings of + consular posts + are not even able to pay their compulsory contributions to the international or regional organizations of which they are members”he began by attacking the countries that had supported Morocco in the defense of its territorial integrity.

The Algerian “diplomat” therefore insults no less than 27 countries, including African nations. And to continue by accusing Morocco of having “bribed” all these countries to open consulates. “We had already qualified these consulates as + ghost consulates +, because they were financed by the Moroccan authorities from the budget of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of an indecent solicitation”did he declare.

If these two statements meant only one thing, it would undoubtedly be Amar Belani’s incompetence for the diplomatic function.

Nevertheless, the words of Amar Belani remain serious, because they carry with them not only unfounded accusations, gratuitous insults, but above all reflect a contempt for African nations by another African country. In terms of repercussions, these words could be costly for Algeria, which is already seeing its influence within the African Union crumble.

Lately, his shenanigans behind the scenes have not borne fruit since the headquarters of the drug agency was not entrusted to him during a vote where the overwhelming majority of African countries voted for Rwanda.

The support, one after the other, of African nations for the Moroccan Sahara and their disavowal of the separatist militia of the Polisario, even coming from the camp of those who had, for a time, recognized this armed group, have gradually eclipsed the theories of Algeria whose Machiavellian game aims to seize Moroccan lands.

The country was once again confronted on its soil with an ultimate disappointment over the Moroccan Sahara, and it simply could not say a word. Indeed, during a visit by the boss of the CAF, Patrice Motsebe, he spoke of the 54 African nations, not counting the self-proclaimed rasd of the polisario, even if it is part of the African Union. , because of a great manipulation of Algeria while the organization was still called OUA before 2002.

And it was precisely a Togolese, Edem Kodjo, at the time secretary general of the OAU, who had given the possibility to the polisario of having a seat within the continental organization in 1982. This entry of the sard ( self-proclaimed republic of the polisario, Editor’s note) within the OAU, and which continued with the AU, was however anything but legal.

It violated the OAU charter requiring that every member country must be an “independent and sovereign state” in its articles 4 and 28. In addition, its membership had been validated by a simple majority, that is to say that ‘it did not even bring together half +1 (absolute majority), and even less the reinforced majority (two thirds) normally adopted by all international or regional organizations of this type for the admission of a new member.

But this error was repaired, at least symbolically, since Togo quickly realized the trickery of the Polisario and Algeria and withdrew its recognition from the SADR in 1997, i.e. 20 years after having recognized it at its creation in 1976.

Togo, in 2007, also realized that 10 years later, Algeria was still using its name to defend the alleged legitimacy of the SADR, and it was then that at the start of the AU summit, the he former Togolese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Zarifou Ayeva had challenged the audience by declaring that his country had noticed that his name was still included in the documentation of the AU as being a country which recognizes the SADR and wanted to rectify this mistake.

This time, the country has taken a new step in its support for Morocco, by proving its attachment to the Moroccanness of the Sahara, by opening this consulate and this is what makes Algiers realize its bitter defeat at the level of the African Union, which little by little is completely getting rid of separatist theories and should immediately lead to the exclusion of the SADR from the AU.

“As for the chimerical objective aimed at + the exclusion + of the SADR from the African Union, Morocco has already tried in the past and it had miserably broken its teeth, especially since nothing in the founding texts of the African Union ‘AU does not provide for the use of such an option’said the Algerian official while the issue is not even on the table of the Pan-African organization.

“Unless they want to dynamite the continental organization and dance on its ashes, Morocco’s top officials should not let irresponsible arsonists play with fire”he added, as if planning in advance the next step which will formally remove the seat from a false republic not recognized by any international body.


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