Akhannouch approves of taxing sectors that make big profits

Fouzi Lekjaa, Minister Delegate in charge of the Budget, revealed the decision of the Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch, to impose solidarity taxes on a set of sectors that make great profits, as part of solidarity with vulnerable groups, while the finance bill for 2023 is being prepared,

According to our sources, Lekjaa, who was speaking on Wednesday evening as part of the work of the meeting of the Finance and Economic Development Committee, which is devoted to examining the main lines of the finance bill for fiscal year 2023, said: “After the approval of the Head of Government, we will impose common taxes on sectors that make large profits. This will concern the financial and banking sectors, and construction, and hydrocarbons”.

The minister confirmed that the proceeds of these solidarity taxes will benefit needy groups, noting that the finance bill for the year 2023 will have a strong social dimension. This measure was applauded by the deputies present in the meeting room.

In his speech, Lekjaa emphasized that the government will continue the royal workshops represented in the generalization of social protection to all Moroccans, noting that cardholders “RAMED» will be exempted from the payment of monthly subscriptions. The State will pay these contributions, which will cost approximately 9 billion dirhams annually.


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