Air traffic controllers announce restrictions from August 3

While Morocco is in full tourist movement in this summer period, the air traffic of certain airports of the Kingdom risks being disrupted soon. According to the announcement made by the Unified National Bureau of Air Traffic Controllers affiliated with the CDT, a social movement will take place from August 3, 2022, according to several modalities.

Member of the National Union of the National Office of Airports (ONDA), the BN of Air Traffic Controllers announced that from August 3 at 2:01 p.m. local time, the union plans to launch restrictions on the number of movements of the air traffic throughout the Casablanca FIR/UIR (flight information region) under certain conditions.

These terms put forward by the union, consist of the acceptance of a single traffic every thirty minutes (30 min) per entry point FIR / UIR Casablanca, all flight levels combined, noting that the 2 CCR Casablanca and Agadir are concerned.

In addition, the union provides as other modalities, one hour between two departures from Marrakech GMMX and Agadir GMAD airports, in addition to one hour between two departures in the following control sectors: (Casablanca: GMMN+GMMD / sector EAST: Oujda GMFO + Fez GMFF + Nador GMMW + Al Hoceima GMTA + Bouarfa GMFB + Er-Rachidia GMFK).

According to the same source, these restrictions will continue for 15 days from August 3 at 2 p.m. local time. And to specify that several flights are spared by these measures, in particular State flights, medical flights, flights in an emergency situation and national military flights.

Since the controllers did not underline the reasons for this escalation, it will be recalled that the function of an air traffic controller, also called a dispatcher, consists of guiding the aircraft while controlling and ensuring the safety and fluidity of the flight. ‘airspace.


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