Aeronautics: MoU for the creation in Morocco of a GAL Aerospace production unit

A memorandum of understanding was signed on Tuesday in Farnborough (south-west London), between the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Canadian company GAL Aerospace, for the realization in Morocco of an integrated project for the development a unit for the production, modification and completion of aircraft cabin interiors.

The agreement was signed by the Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzour, and the President of Gal Aerospace, Bruno Morin, on the occasion of Morocco’s participation in the Farnborough International Air Show (July 18-22). ).

The project involves an investment of 125.3 million dirhams (12 million USD) and will be carried out in Casablanca in 2023, allowing the creation of 240 direct jobs.

The creation of this unit will thus allow Morocco to further boost its attractiveness by localizing the activities of GAL with its European and African customers at the level of its Moroccan site, indicates a press release from the ministry.

According to Ryad Mezzour, “this project is aligned with our national priority to strengthen the industrial sovereignty of the Kingdom in terms of aircraft modification, through the performance of certain operations, which are currently carried out in Europe”.

By developing in Morocco the “interior of cabins” activity, considered as the missing link of the national Supply Chain, it is a new achievement that adds to the many assets of the national aeronautical platform, whose global competitiveness is strengthening day by day. day, he added.

A Canadian company with more than 20 years of existence, GAL is established in Canada, the United States and Colombia. It specializes in the repair, design and manufacture of cabin interiors, modification and completion of aircraft.

Its main markets are luxury business aviation, the repair of aircraft interiors and the modification of aircraft in small series. As for its capabilities, they are mainly focused on the modification of the interior of cabins, the manufacture of cabinets, the padding of seats, the manufacture of composite panels and large format 3D printing.


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