adoption of a draft decree on the reorganization of the CMR

The Council of Government, meeting by videoconference on Thursday under the chairmanship of the Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch, adopted draft decree n°2.22.501 amending decree n°2.95.749 of 8 rejeb 1417 (November 20, 1996) issued for the application of Law No. 43-95 on the reorganization of the Moroccan Pension Fund (CMR).

This draft decree, presented by the Minister of Economy and Finance, Nadia Fettah, aims to modify the articles of the aforementioned decree concerning the formation of the board of directors of the CMR through the replacement of the minister in charge of employment. by the Minister responsible for social protection, in accordance with the transfer, to the Minister of Health, of competences relating to social protection, indicates the Minister Delegate in charge of Relations with Parliament, government spokesman, Mustapha Baitas, during a press briefing after the Government Council.

It is also a question of replacing the expression “Prime Minister” by “Head of government”, “Minister in charge of administrative affairs” by “Minister in charge of the public service”, “Secretary general of the administration of national defence” by “Minister delegate to the head of government in charge of the administration of national defence”, he added.

The said draft decree will enable the CMR to pay pensions in full compliance with the legal provisions.


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