Accelerating digital transformation to improve business efficiency

Huawei, together with telecom operators, industry partners and industry leaders in North Africa, organized the region’s Digital Transformation Summit for Operational Excellence, Northern Africa OTF 2022, under the banner of ” Accelerating digital transformation to improve business efficiency”, a theme focused on intensifying the evolution of digital networks based on impactful models that can boost resources and improve the efficiency of companies.

Thus, the operators and analysts present discussed their respective journeys, emphasizing their winning strategy through agile cloud-based operational systems in areas such as CBS and Fintech.

In turn, Maurice Ma, President of Huawei Software Business Dept, Simon Liang, Vice President of Huawei Service & Software Marketing & Solution Dept, Qin Tongli, Director of Huawei Solution Consulting & Planning Dept and Benjamin Hou, President of Huawei Northern Africa Carrier Business Dept, spoke at length about Huawei’s policy, sharing its best practices globally, in the development of new digital services and the digital transformation of O&M.

“Huawei aims to work with all operators, but also users, to build a better, mobile, autonomous and connected digital world, thanks to the deep combination of advanced technologies: 5G and software,” said Maurice Ma, President of Huawei Software Business Dept in his keynote address titled “Working with Carriers to Build Infrastructure for the Digital World”.

For his part, the former CEO of the TM Forum, Martin Creaner, gave a speech under the theme “Achieving the transformation of telecommunications in a changing world”. He thus stated that “thehe scope of digital transformation is broad and covers all aspects of the telecommunications business. Also, telecommunications companies must develop a transformation strategy that encompasses the ten stages of digital transformation”.

For his part, Andrew Haslip, Content Manager for Asia-Pacific, Global Data Analyst, gave a speech around “Mobile Finance Unleashes Infinite Possibilities in Northern Africa and the Wider Middle East & Africa region”.

From the podium, Ian Ravenscroft, financial technology consultant, argued that “ M-PESA is now the largest fintech ecosystem in Africa”recalling that Safaricom and Huawei were jointly awarded the prestigious Most Innovative Service Award, ‘Enterprise of Tomorrow’, at AfricaCom 2019 in Cape Town.”

The North Africa OTF 2022 took place from July 21-22 in Casablanca, Morocco. Huawei collaborates with global carriers, industry pioneers and opinion leaders to discuss crucial topics such as industry trends, digital services and digital O&M, thus contributing to the future. digital networks.


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