A successful bet, a magical edition

In the light of a memorable closing, and under the incessant applause of festival-goers, Jazzablanca Festival is delighted to have entered a new stage in its history. For three marvelous evenings, at Anfa Park and the Place des Nations Unies, Jazzablanca never ceased to amaze with its renewal and intensity.

This Sunday, July 3, as the 15th edition drew to a close, the beauty, scale and power of the festival confirmed that Jazzablanca’s new bet had been met: a great comeback after two years of absence, with the promise of an edition more intense than ever.

Beyond the record attendance recorded, the 15th edition of Jazzablanca is a record edition in every way: an idyllic setting, a succession of breathtaking concerts, and above all, an amazed and happy audience.

In Anfa Park as in United Nations Square, the closing evening was marked by the presence of thousands of festival-goers. The exceptional performances of the artists, mixed with the presence of an energetic public, thirsty for talent, human experience and memories in the making, gave rise to unforgettable moments.

In Anfa Park, on Stage 21, the Lyon trio EYM kicked off the last evening of the festival with jazz tunes. Elie Dufour, Yann Phayphet and Marc Michel needed nothing more than a piano, a double bass and drums to bring their audience together on this sweet late afternoon. The trio is used to drawing inspiration from the musical repertoire of each country where they perform. Morocco was no exception to the rule: exclusively, EYM Trio unveiled the piece “Casablanca”, specially written for their visit to Jazzablanca.

Then place the great Slaoui maâlem Majid Bekkas who attracted a remarkable crowd, seduced by notes of saxophone, electric guitar and guembri. In preview, this ambassador of the African Gnaoua Blues
presented excerpts from his next album which will be released next November.

The concert by Oum, an accomplished artist with a radiant smile and a transcendent voice, was enough to illuminate the Casa Anfa Stage. While performing her album “Daba” for the first time in Morocco, the singer invoked all the elements and forces of nature in poetry, giving rise to a real sensory experience.

Last but not least, the Californian guitarist and singer Ben Harper, accompanied by his group The Innocent Criminals, brought together the thousands of festival-goers who came to meet him from all over Morocco. Celebrating his twenty-eight-year career as well as the release of his latest album, Ben Harper has probably given the best of himself to the Jazzablancais. They knew his words like the back of their hand, and sang in chorus “Amen omen”, “With my own two hands”, “Diamonds inside of you”, or even “I shall not walk alone”, which the artist has wanted to dedicate to the child Rayan… Arriving at the end of the concert, everyone would have liked the lights of the Casa Anfa Stage to never go out.

Meanwhile, at the Place des Nations Unies, the BMCI Stage also celebrated its third and last evening of the festival, welcoming the Moroccan group Jubantouja, led by the young Nabil Ayoub, for a concert placed under the influences of Rwayess and Ahwachs .

The Fayçal Tadlaoui & African Band formation took over to end the evening in style, making the stage vibrate to the rhythm of covers of the most beautiful rock classics.

The unique and unchanged spirit of Jazzablanca, the unprecedented program composed of headliners such as Ibrahim Maâlouf, Asaf Avidan, or even Ben Harper, but also the idyllic setting of the festival at Anfa Park, the free concerts at Place des Nations United, contributed to the development of an intense and exceptional 15th edition.

Thus, thanks to a loyal public and the performances of the artists, Jazzablanca has undeniably gained in power, and will have brought together from July 1 to 3, a record number of crowds. And it is with great pleasure that the festival teams send their thanks to the festival-goers: your presence is also a guarantee of ours.

The 16th edition will take place from June 22 to 24, 2023.


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