A resident of a child protection center gets her baccalaureate with an average 17 in Physics

In Casablanca, a resident of a Child Protection Center distinguished herself at the national level by obtaining her baccalaureate with a very good average.

At the Abdesslam Bennani Child Protection Center, a young resident obtained an excellent average of 17.09/20 in the national baccalaureate for the year 2022. An average which falls into the category of national excellence, indicates the Ministry of Culture and Youth in a press release.

The resident (MR) obtained this more than honorable average in the Physics sector, French option, which will qualify her to continue her higher education in the largest schools and institutes of the Kingdom, specifies the same source.

The student (MR) has shown an excellent level in his studies, becoming a model for the rest of the boarders, girls and boys, of the child protection centers to achieve very good results and thus succeed in their academic and scientific curriculum“, entrusted the ministry.

Ultimately, Mehdi Bensaid’s department made a point of specifying that several of the residents of the Child Protection Centers under the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication, have successfully passed the baccalaureate exams under the year 2022.

It should be noted that child protection centres, placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication, are socio-educational establishments which, by court decision, take in children who have committed offenses or criminal offences, pursuant to Articles 471 and 481 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

They are responsible, in particular, for formulating policy proposals which will be submitted to the judicial authorities with a view to taking the appropriate legal measures, providing socio-educational and health services likely to help with rehabilitation and social reintegration. minors, to ensure the educational and professional training of minors, to promote their autonomy and their social and economic reintegration, at the end of their stays in the centres, and to consolidate the social ties of minors with their families.

In addition, at the level of adults placed in penitentiary establishments, the General Delegation for Penitentiary Administration and Reintegration (DGAPR), indicated that some 1,224 residents of penitentiary establishments took the baccalaureate exams for the normal session. by 2022, spread over 44 centers nationwide.

The majority of them, i.e. 1,076 people, took the exam for a literary baccalaureate while 148 opted for scientific and technical branches, added the DGAPR, noting that they were in total 1,331 registered candidates, i.e. a 39% increase over the previous year.

The candidates were distributed as follows: 163 in science and technology, an increase of 11% this year and 1168 in letters, i.e. 51% more than in 2021.


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