a real opportunity to boost entrepreneurship

The Forsa program, launched last March by the Executive in response to the High Royal Guidelines for the promotion of investment and employment, is intended to be a real opportunity to boost entrepreneurship, particularly among young people. The empowerment of citizens is the very essence of this ambitious program which ushers in a new era characterized in particular by innovation and creativity.

Focused on two systems combining support and financing, Forsa targets all people over the age of 18 with ideas or entrepreneurial projects. The objective is clear: to provide the necessary support to young people who constitute a lever for the economic and social development of our country, and to ensure their integration into the job market, with a view to developing human resources. Thus, said program should finance projects in various fields (associative, environmental, cultural, sports, etc.) without preconditions, only the project and the commitment of its leader will be taken into account.

In addition, the support offered under the said program consists of training and guidance to structure the project and develop it from the design part to the implementation part. This will be done through honor credits of up to 100,000 DH, repayable in ten years at most. Coming in support of the Intilaka program, the Forsa program provides for the granting of 50,000 guaranteed credits without preconditions, through a budget of 1.25 billion dirhams mobilized for this purpose.

Forsa will thus give young people the opportunity to give new impetus to their innovation and creativity, by embarking on individual entrepreneurial initiatives, and will also allow citizens to exercise their entrepreneurial activities in a formal way through a system of simplified tax incentive. The project leaders will be selected following a Call for Projects, the launch of which is scheduled for early April 2022, following which the candidates will submit their application files on the digital platform “www.forsa.ma”.

They will be able to be assisted at the level of the FORSA Desks opened for this purpose at the level of the twelve regions of the Kingdom. A Customer Relations Center (CRC) will also be made available and will have the role of assisting project leaders throughout this process. In addition, a governance system has been put in place to steer and support the implementation of the program. It is made up of a strategic committee, chaired by the Head of Government, a national steering committee and regional and provincial monitoring committees.

The effective deployment of the Forsa program is based on the mobilization of partners at the regional level, in particular the Regional Investment Centers (CRI), microfinance organizations, and local incubators, and the piloting of the program is ensured by the Moroccan Company of Tourism Engineering (SMIT). After its official launch, more than 150,000 project files were submitted on the digital platform dedicated to the Forsa program, according to the Ministry of Tourism, Handicrafts, and Social and Solidarity Economy and some 2,000 new projects were selected. at the end of the regional selection commissions, to integrate the support phase of the programme.

With regard to financing, the Minister Delegate in charge of Relations with Parliament, government spokesman, Mustapha Baitas, had indicated that the financing intended for the beneficiaries of the Forsa program will be granted from next August. A framework conducive to the emergence of young innovative companies has therefore been put in place, through Forsa, which, as its name suggests, constitutes a real ambitious opportunity, with a view to encouraging young people to integrate more into the job market.


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