A breath of fresh air for Casablanca residents and a space that makes the metropolis sparkle

A year ago, the Arab League Park opened its doors to the public after nearly 7 years of development of this space which has a historical and nostalgic significance for the people of Casablanca. Today, Moroccans fully enjoy the beauty of this space as well as its emblematic Yasmina park. Artistic and sporting activities are organized there to the delight of the inhabitants of the metropolis. Provided that this space is preserved in a good state as long as possible by the citizens, but also by the managers.

Stress, routine, traffic jams .. The Arab League Park has become the favorite place for Casablanca residents to do their sport, have a picnic and enjoy the good weather with family or friends. It is the largest green space in the metropolis, which at the beginning of the last century was the largest in Africa, with an area of ​​30 hectares.

The rehabilitation and restructuring project for this space, started in 2016, required a budget of 100 million dirhams (45 MDH the municipality of Casablanca – 35 MDH the DGCL, 20 MDH the region of Casa-Settat).

Carried out under the patronage of the Casablanca City Council and in operation with SDL Casa Aménagement, the renovation of the park was carried out in full respect of landscapes dating from the beginning of the last century as well as contemporary standards related to the protection of the environment. environment and leisure facilities supports Casa development.

After its inauguration, the opening hours of the park were fixed from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Schedules that were not to the liking of the Bidaouis who saw it as a space to do their sport, early in the morning before going to work or even in the evening. Following the call launched on social networks, the mayor of Casablanca, Nabila Rmili, took note of this wish and announced new schedules. The park is now open to the public from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. to the delight of Casablanca residents.

The beauty of the Arab League Park after its renovation and the redevelopment of the emblematic Yasmina Park has caused a lot of talk on social networks. Several Internet users, including municipal councilors from other cities in the Kingdom, applauded the final result and called on citizens to take care of it.

Let’s come to the management of this enormous green space. This responsibility has been entrusted to Casablanca Baia within the framework of a mandate agreement between the Casablanca City Council which allows the management company certain spaces, in particular the Arab League Park, Mohamed V Square and the Rachidi.

Casa Baia takes care of the management of all the components of the site. We take care of everything that is maintenance of the green spaces in addition to the maintenance of the existing fountains then the circular basin of the park, etc. We also ensure the maintenance of street furniture (bench, equipment for games and sports, etc.). We also ensure the security of the premises 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. There are guards during the day and dog handlers at night. We even installed surveillance cameras at the level of the entire Arab League“, says Amal Kouraa, Director of the living environment BU at Casa Baia.

Today, several cultural and sporting activities and events are organized at the Arab League Park. Requested by MoroccoLatestNews UKthe manager explained to us that the park has a sports coach on site who leads the sports activities since there are sports fields in addition to the cultural activities of which Casablana Baia is a partner.

We are partners in most of the activities and events organized within the park in addition to the demonstrations. Last year there was the organization of a vent on the occasion of World Environment Day. Today, there is the Atelier de l’Observatoire which initiated, on December 10 at the Arab League Park, the collective museum of Casablanca“, she tells us.

Indeed, the Atelier de l’Observatoire launched in December 2021 the collective museum of Casablanca which intends to retrace the history of the metropolis to be a citizen museum maintaining the memory of the city by exhibiting fragments of its history through objects ” vintage of the Yasmina amusement park, reminiscent of a certain childhood in Casablanca. An initiative that started in 2012 by this NGO which for 11 years has been collecting heritage and tangible and intangible objects from the metropolis.

Concerning the awareness of citizens to keep this place clean and in good condition, our interlocutor tells us that there are internal rules of the park. In addition, the agents on the spot communicate with the citizens in this sense.

But lately, there has been an awareness among citizens regarding keeping this place in good condition. This is probably due to the wait and then the discovery of this space by the people of Casablanca, which changed things a little. The visitor then began to take ownership of the site“, maintains the manager, who made a point of specifying that if the Arab League park is in a good state it is also thanks to the serious and relentless work of a whole team and not a single individual.


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