a boon for hoteliers

With the appearance of new habits linked to the celebration of Aid Al Adha and the growing enthusiasm of Moroccans for innovative offers combining relaxation and festivities, hoteliers in the Kingdom are expecting a resumption of activity and a great influx of customers wishing to celebrate this special occasion in a different way.

Luxury hotels or even guest houses, these destinations, very popular with Moroccan tourists, offer a wide range of products and services with multiple activities, in the company of typical troops in music and rhythm, for the most great happiness for young and old.

To meet this growing demand, hotel establishments are stepping up their efforts and their imagination. Nevertheless, rates and prices vary depending on the packs offered especially for Eid.

For Hassan, director of a tourist unit, demand increases during this period and the majority of large hotels offer special packs for the occasion but which remain relatively expensive.

“It’s normal, since the prices of goods and others have increased by 300% or more, the hotels are therefore obliged to increase their rates”, he confided, specifying that this increase often concerns only classified hotels. Other hotels, he argued, prefer to take advantage of the increase in demand without raising prices, which differ from region to region.

“For our part, we are used to receiving customers every year who have chosen to spend the Aid in our establishment and it is clear that we must adapt”he said, noting that the team members are more numerous and that a special program has been concocted for these special customers. “We have been organizing this annual day for 9 years”he added.

For his part, Yassine, tourist operator in the region of Marrakech, indicated that“there are two categories of clientele, first those who do not wish to spend Eid in Morocco and who prefer to travel abroad, in particular to Spain and Turkey, two or three days before Eid and until at the end of the celebrations and a second category made up of those who book hotels here in Morocco, usually in the north of the country or in Marrakech, to spend the two or three days of Eid”.

On the customer side, those who have gone through the experience are satisfied and speak with nostalgia of their memories of an Eid celebrated differently. Other people, uninformed about this new mode, are hesitant to say the least, judging it inconceivable to substitute the traditional rites of Eid Al Adha and the family atmosphere associated with it by a stay in a hotel establishment.

“As every year, we are very happy to spend Aid Al Adha here and we feel really good. The atmosphere is great and all the conditions are met to make you feel at home. »rejoiced, Naima, a loyal customer at the same hotel.

For her, the atmosphere is very special compared to an Aid spent at home. “We feel at home, the establishment sacrifices its sheep and we have not brought ours back. On Eid day we have lunch here and we eat exactly what we would have eaten at home,” she said.

Every year, hotels offer special “Aid Al Adha” offers, which attract more and more Moroccans. They are generally families or young couples with or without children, who want to experience the Aid atmosphere differently and take advantage of this opportunity to rest, if only for a few days of vacation.


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