74% of Moroccans refuse the return of restrictive measures

In light of the Ministry of Health’s remarks on a ” fourth epidemic wave » that the Kingdom has been experiencing for six weeks already, the discussion has been relaunched among Moroccans on a possible return to restrictive anti-covid measures. A return, which would involve the taking of several decisions by the Executive, if necessary, which would not please everyone, especially after a long period of relaxation which has experienced an almost normal return to life.

In Morocco, the epidemiological indicators are red. The country is experiencing a considerable surge in positive cases for Covid-19, but also in deaths (11 per day on average), new cases admitted to intensive care (twenty cases per day on average) or even cases under artificial respiration.

An upward trend explained by several factors, in particular the easing of restrictive measures, the resumption of tourist and cultural activities, the non-respect of barrier measures, Aid Al-Adha and preparations or the arrival of the summer season. summer and the return of MREs.

A rapid rebound in the situation which worries the competent authorities. Coordinator of the National Center for Public Health Emergency Operations at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Mouad Mrabet confirmed last Tuesday, in his monthly press briefing on the epidemiological situation for the period from June 8 to July 5, that new Serious cases admitted to intensive care and intensive care have started to climb indeed, but without reaching the level of the first Omicron wave.

In this sense, the official renewed the appeal of the Ministry of Health to all citizens to “ commit to taking the preventive measures during the coming days in order to avoid a greater increase in cases”thus calling on people with respiratory symptoms to wear a mask, stop all professional or social activity and go to health facilities for diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Despite this wave of concern about this 4th wave in the Kingdom, Moroccans seem not to want to return to the period of restrictive measures. Indeed, the results of an opinion poll conducted by MoroccoLatestNews over the past two weeks on the question “ Are you in favor of the return of restrictive anti-covid measures “, showed a certain rejection of this idea.

Of the 7,419 people who responded to the question raised by MoroccoLatestNews, approximately 74% responded with a “ Nope ” against 26.54% who answered with a “ Yes “. Commenting on his results, Said Moutaouakil, a member of the Scientific Committee for the Fight against the Pandemic, did not seem to be surprised.

He even considered his results to be “ expected in view of Morocco’s adoption of the coexistence strategy with Covid-19 for some time, and the inability of citizens to bear the consequences of the pandemic socially, economically and psychologically “.

Thus, Pr. Moutaouakil explained, in a statement to MoroccoLatestNewsthat the propagation of the Omicron -B subvariantAT 5 – no longer poses a significant threat to public health given the ” low pathogen and death rates as well as the presence of an immune wall that limited the virulence of the original virus, given its massive spread since previous waves “.

Thus, and according to the expert, the results of the survey carried out by MoroccoLatestNews remain logical and natural and follows the pace of the evolution of the current situation which would not support, in the light of other emergency crises, the resort to the tightening of measures.

He also called for simple measures to be taken to avoid the deterioration of the situation by again adopting barrier gestures, namely wearing a mask in closed places, regular hand washing, diagnosis of infected people and their contact cases, as well as the receipt of booster doses of the anti-covid vaccine, in particular for vulnerable categories.


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