63% of complaints were processed

The Minister of National Education, Preschool and Sports, Chakib Benmoussa, noted on Monday that 63% of complaints relating to baccalaureate exams received by the ministry have been processed.

“The ministry has received approximately 190,000 complaints, of which 63% have been processed to date”said Chakib Benmoussa, who was responding to an oral question in the House of Representatives on “the conditions and results of the baccalaureate for the current school year”.

In addition, the Minister stressed that the number of cases of fraud recorded during examinations and corrections amounts to more than 20,000 cases, including 75% among free candidates.

“The share of these cases in relation to the number of students represents 1% among those enrolled and 13% among independent candidates”he added.

In order to deal with this phenomenon, continues Benmoussa, the ministry has adopted educational, organizational, repressive measures, as well as those related to the awareness of candidates.

It is also about the adoption of unified procedures to control cases of fraud and the creation of local teams, some at school level and others at regional level.

Regarding the means put in place, the Minister indicated that about 1,600 commissions have been set up, 24,000 examination rooms equipped, and 50,000 people responsible for monitoring, adding that about 40,000 teachers have corrected the 3,500,000 copies of examination.

Chakib Benmoussa recalled the final results of the baccalaureate exams for this year, marked by the success of more than 273,000 in the normal and remedial sessions, with a success rate of 79% against 82% in 2021, noting that the share of girls reached 82% of female candidates, while that of boys was 75%.

As for the candidates (girls and boys) with disabilities, who benefited from the adaptation of the tests and the conditions of their conduct, the Minister indicated that the success rate reached 80%, while the total number of free candidates having obtained the Bac amounts to more than 55,000, with a success rate of 47%, compared to 57% in 2021.

The pass rate among those in school is high compared to free candidates, he noted.

The Minister wished to salute the effective involvement of families and the efforts of the teaching body to ensure adequate conditions and support for students, noting that these tests took place in a normal climate characterized by the support of all actors. .


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