565 people arrested throughout Morocco

The security operations launched by the DGSN to monitor and punish acts of cheating in resit exams for obtaining the baccalaureate resulted in the arrest of 565 people throughout the country.

Regarding the geographical distribution of cases of cheating handled by the national security services, the city of Casablanca represents the vast majority of arrests with 466 people, ahead of Fez with 15 cases of fraud, then Agadir and Settat with 12 cases. then Taza with 10 cases.

Computer monitoring measures, undertaken by the police services responsible for combating crimes relating to new technologies, have made it possible to identify 23 people who have created accounts on social networks with the aim of facilitating fraud.

Six people among them were arrested, while research is still underway to arrest the other suspects as part of the judicial investigations carried out at the national level, adds the DGSN.

The checks carried out in the context of these cases led to the seizure of a set of electronic equipment and equipment used to facilitate fraud operations, namely 351 mobile phones and 111 headsets, as well as 21 connection devices to internet.

These intensive security operations fall within the framework of the interests of the Directorate General of National Security to implement the legal and regulatory controls related to the prevention of cheating on the one hand, and to contribute to put in place adequate conditions for conducting unified regional and national exams for the baccalaureate on the other hand.


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