21 years in prison as final sentence for police officer Derek Chauvin

The white American police officer Derek Chauvin who killed in cold blood, the African-American George Floyd with his knee, was sentenced Thursday to 21 years in prison by the federal justice of the United States. The award is irrevocable.

The policeman filmed in the middle of the street leaning on the neck of George Floyd thought he would get away with it, but the images of his murder went around the world and united millions of people around the cause of the rights of people of color.

While he had been sentenced for murder to 22 and a half years in prison by the justice of the State of Minnesota, this time it is a final federal sentence which he faces after having appealed for the first time.

He is sentenced for “violation of civil rights” of the victim. During the hearing, the former police officer showed no sign of remorse during his intervention.

“I don’t know why you did this, but putting your knee on someone’s neck until they die is wrong.” And for that, you must be severely punished,” the judge said.


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