Zahara Moufid and Sofia Saidi collaborate in a big Irish production

Moroccan director Zahara Moufid, who resides in Ireland, is preparing for a new experience in the world of cinema by directing a feature film dedicated to women.

Also a producer, actress and screenwriter, Zahara Moufid, is undertaking a new project, namely the screenplay and the production of a feature film on the condition of women, in which the main role will be played by an equally talented Moroccan artist, Sofia Saidi.

I wrote the script when my daughter, actress Amira Sheridan, asked me to do it. I think of her precisely to interpret the role of a teenager.says Zahara.

The director already has a precise idea about the heroine of her film. ” I was very impressed with many talented Moroccan actors and actresses, especially Sofia Saidi. I can see her in the main role of my feature film. She is a wonderful and very talented actress, and I will be very happy to work with her and I can see Sofia playing the lead role. She will do it wonderfully”she assures.

The enthusiasm is obviously shared, since Sofia Saidi said she was happy with this collaboration.
The idea was suggested by director Zahara Moufid, who, by the way, represents Morocco in the most beautiful way in Ireland, and I hope to carry out this project with her. I consulted the script of the film and its original idea”, assured the actress.

Aged 26, the beautiful brunette who bears the same name as the other brilliant Moroccan, the singer Sofia Essaidi, evolves internationally and lives in Paris.

Originally from Rabat, Sofia Saidi holds a “Bachelor’s degree in International Management”, a Master’s degree in research in technological and organizational strategic developments and a second Master’s degree in strategic management and entrepreneurship.

She twice won the “Miss Arab” crown at the World Next Top Model 2020 in Beirut,
Zahara Moufid’s feature film, which revolves around family and women, will be produced by acclaimed director Jim Sheridan.

Presenting his project, Zahara indicates that representatives of different cultures will take part. ” It’s a wonderful plus to see excellent talented Moroccan actresses and actors, and I will be happy to watch them play, especially Sofia”rejoices the director.

Well known in the Irish cinematographic milieu where she has been evolving for many years, Zahara Moufid, ambassador of Moroccan and Arab culture in Ireland, is preparing to make a real return to her roots.

By signing films and series shot in Morocco and Dakhla in particular, she displays the ambition to promote her native country, as a destination of choice for filming, but also as a very noble way to make known the culture, nature and the Moroccan cinema.

Making Morocco known in Ireland is an ambition of the director has always displayed. For this, she founded the annual Dublin Arab Film Festival (DAFF), along with Jim Sheridan.

Very proud, she talks about her other “great project”: Setting up a 100% Moroccan Red Carpet, making Morocco the guest of honor.

The purpose of this festival, explains Zahara, is to convey a beautiful image of the Kingdom, to highlight Arab culture, but also to introduce Western audiences in general, and Irish in particular, to Moroccan and Arab cinema.


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