UM6SS highlights the importance of research and innovation

On the occasion of the launch of the Higher Institute of Biosciences and Biotechnologies, the Mohammed VI University of Health Sciences organized a scientific day under the theme ” Research and biotechnological innovation at the service of health “.

This day highlighted the need to develop centers of expertise in the biology of organisms and their evolution as well as the development and implementation of the systems biology approach.

Several issues were raised during this meeting which brought together more than 200 participants, namely the need to acquire more in-depth knowledge in biosciences, taking into account new technologies and the importance of bioinformatics and network analysis given the large amounts of data to be processed.

Diseases linked to different waves of epidemics since the 1980s have become a growing global concern due to their global health and economic impacts. According to the University, it is difficult to stop the appearance of new pathogens in the future because of the interconnection between humans, animals and the environment. It is in the face of all these issues that this first scientific day was organized and placed under the theme of research and biotechnological innovation in the service of health, specifies the same source.

According to the University, the choice of this theme falls within the overall framework of King Mohammed VI’s vision to make Morocco a biotechnology hub in Africa and in the world. It is also a multidisciplinary day involving the ” life sciences ” and the ” engineering Sciences “according to the concept” One Health », with the main objectives of promoting integrated research in biosciences and their applications in health sciences, discussing the place and applications of biotechnological innovation as a lever for health development and promoting partnership between universities and industries. in R&D in the fields of biosciences and biotechnologies.

To animate this day, national and international luminaries dealt with issues related to microbial biotechnology and its application, the contribution of genomics and bioinformatics in biotechnological innovations, Immunogenetics, Immunotherapy and pharmacology , epidemiology, vaccinology and tropical biotechnologies.

In its strategy to encourage research and biotechnological innovation, UM6SS has awarded 3 biotechnological innovation prizes to the three best research works and two excellence prizes for their contribution to entrepreneurship, research and development. global biotechnology innovation.

The prizes were awarded to Dr. Chaibainou Hanane (Neurosurgery DNP Columbia University Medical Center/NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital | CEO & Founding Member BIOTESSIA, USA) and Pr.Adnane Remmal (Professor of microbiology and pharmacology, Faculty of Sciences Dhar El Mahraz, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, Fez).

Concerning the Higher Institute of Biosciences and Biotechnologies launched by the UM6SS, its mission is to develop training and research in biological sciences, with the aim of creating a center of excellence in biology. It thus offers initial training within the framework of the License – Master – Doctorate system, but also continuing education for professionals.

Bringing together three main departments namely ” Biology and Health Engineering », « Genomics / Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics ” and ” Analysis Techniques, Quality Control and Biosafety », this new institute opens the way to training in biosciences with a multidisciplinary R&D associating the « life sciences ” and the ” engineering Sciences » in the fields of biology, biosafety, biotechnology and nano biotechnology, integrated systems for biology and medicine, informs the UM6SS.

The ISBB also aims to be an establishment constituting a knowledge hub for scientific start-ups in the fields of biosciences and biotechnology companies. In addition to its training, the institute aims to develop research in the fields of biosciences and biotechnologies, to be part of the logic of ” One Health for global biosafety and to contribute to the advancement of basic biological sciences and their biotechnological applications.


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