The use of a 4th dose of vaccine in winter 2022 is possible (Dr. Hamdi)

After a third booster dose required since the end of 2021 in Morocco by the health authorities, a 4th booster dose will probably be introduced, for people at risk, by the end of 2022. Update with Dr. Tayeb Hamdi, doctor , health policy and systems researcher.

Morocco is preparing to welcome foreign tourists and Moroccans residing abroad (MRE) this summer, after two years of tourism shutdown. The arrival of tourists in the country is not without risk. Observers expect an increase in positive Covid cases, which is being felt now, but without a threat to the health system. That said, the entry of the BA4 and BA5 variants into the national territory, raises fears of yet another covid wave by autumn-winter 2023.

Discovered in South Africa, these two sub-variants of Omicron, which are very contagious, have been detected everywhere in Europe without sowing panic, since experts are counting on a seasonality of the virus by autumn-winter. 2023.

In Morocco, the BA2 variant of Omicron is the most dominant. But experts expect the imminent entry of the other BA4 and BA5 subvariants this summer which will multiply the number of covid-positive cases, said Dr. Tayeb Hamdi in a statement to MoroccoLatestNews.

This summer, Morocco will certainly register its first cases of BA4 and BA5 who will return from abroad. These sub-variants will start to multiply and the cases will increase, especially since we did not do an Omicron wave with the BA2 variant, but rather with the BA1“, explains the expert.

While specifying that BA5 is now widespread throughout the world and faster than BA2, the policy and health system researcher explains to us that the BA2 and BA5 and 4 variants show several similarities. As a result, anyone who has been affected by BA2 is not at risk of being contaminated with BA5.

Except that Morocco experienced a BA1 wave. This does not leave it immune to a new epidemiological wave, hence the importance of vigilance and prior preparation to avoid a steep rise, not of covid-19 cases, but rather of deaths and severe cases, explains the specialist.

The question that arises is whether the entry into Morocco of the BA5 variant threatens our health system, which has just recovered. Dr. Hamdi points out that BA5 is not very threatening, but spreads quickly.

The BA5 variant will multiply during the summer, but will only be dominant in Morocco during the fall and winter seasons, which experience a spike in seasonal flu and covid. Covid-positive cases will therefore multiply with the BA5 variant. And that’s where we’re going to face our another covid wave that will bring more serious cases and deaths“, says Dr. Hamdi.

Reason why, he said, ” people over the age of 60 or with chronic illnesses should get vaccinated now”. The expert is even considering the use of health authorities during the winter, to a 4th booster dose for vulnerable and at risk people.


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