The OCP Foundation, a major social player serving communities

The OCP Foundation, true to its image, has implemented a new series of structuring initiatives for the country as well as for the communities it supports. In any case, this is what the OCP Group’s 2021 activity report, entitled “Sustainable innovation as a catalyst for human development”, indicates.

A non-profit association, the OCP Foundation was created with the aim of supporting and developing the societal footprint of the OCP Group. Recognized as a public utility since 2012, it has since established itself as a major social player. It is dedicated to the economic and social development of populations in need in Morocco, but also internationally within the framework of South-South cooperation. Thus, supporting actions of solidarity and human development, primarily in the regions where the OCP Group operates, it also implements concrete and effective actions well beyond the borders of the Kingdom in vulnerable local communities in African countries and Asians.

2021 tells us the editorial of the brochure has brought renewed hope and the resumption of a semblance of normality at all levels everywhere in the world. ” More than ever, the OCP Foundation is mobilized to support local rural communities, scientists, teachers, students and pupils, farmers, associations or cooperatives, women and men, to prepare for the future. “. The support systems for the fight against Covid 19 have been extended and above all, thanks to training, awareness-raising and equipping with supplies and materials, the populations supported have been able to become more autonomous in their fight against the pandemic. The OCP Foundation has also seized the opportunity to go further in its partnerships, for initiatives that necessarily reconcile innovation and sustainable development, thus giving its most innovative projects additional dimensions, societal, civic, ethical…and above all more respectful. of the environment.

This notion of sustainable innovation has been integrated into its approach to serving people, also relying for this as much on the projections for 2035 of the New Development Model (NMD) of Morocco, as on the program of the Development Goals. Un durable. Through this new vision, the Foundation is putting itself in a position to be able to respond to social emergencies while initiating or strengthening ambitious projects through responsible innovation that will be able to take into account the long term and not just immediate contingencies, and to focus future generations, the environment, the planet.

And about the future of youth, the OCP Foundation supports exceptional structures such as the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University and the Benguerir High School of Excellence, the Foundation initiates year after year sponsorship projects for public schools. , creating innovative teaching and learning programs or funding scholarships. In addition, the OCP Foundation considers diversity as an essential component of the teaching and learning process that reduces disparities and strengthens equal opportunities and thus commits to inclusive education in Morocco, supporting many associations and medical-social centres, targeting people with disabilities.

Thinking about and designing social development projects for the long term, integrating the ecological dimension and respecting people and their environments, are the fundamental imperatives that have been integrated into the heart of the OCP Foundation’s activity this year. This new paradigm makes sustainable innovation an imperative for human development and the future of communities. Hence the importance of the global approach of the OCP Foundation, which acts in partnership with local actors, with the aim of helping the poorest and most isolated rural communities, in Morocco and around the world, and open up new perspectives.

Ongoing projects have been reoriented for greater empowerment and resilience of populations, and original systems have been devised to meet new needs. Digitization has enabled, through the development of platforms, enhanced learning despite the health crisis as well as access for companies and associations to economic markets which have opened up new prospects for them.

Finally, sustainable innovation is nothing without an accentuated research program, which is why the OCP Foundation, with the help of essential partners, has been able to create new research funds in order to boost projects for the positive transformation of society and its environment. 2021 was for the OCP Foundation a new year of mobilization of all its teams, in Morocco and beyond the borders, to best support its communities in an ever more inclusive and innovative social dynamic, … and to serve the Human without serving the environment.


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