The modules from the Benslimane factory have arrived in Morocco

The boat loaded with the various modules of the industrial unit for the manufacture of anti-Covid-19 vaccines and other vaccines, which will be carried out in Benslimane, arrived on Sunday at the port of Casablanca.

This cargo, coming from Shanghai in China, will allow the assembly of this biotechnological unit, whose King Mohammed VI presided over the ceremony to launch the construction works on January 27th.

These are 111 elements for a total weight of 35,000 tons, forming the entire turnkey factory, which docked at the port of Casablanca.

Manufactured in Shanghai by a Japanese firm, this modular equipment will be transported to Benslimane to complete the construction of this major project.

Focal point of the King’s vision in terms of vaccine autonomy, this industrial unit, called “Sensyo Pharmatech”, aims to put vaccines or injectable drugs into vials/syringes in an aseptic environment.

Marking a decisive turning point in terms of public health and the development of new national know-how, the Benslimane plant is one of the very few structures of its kind on the African continent. With very large dimensions and production capacity, this industrial unit is the result of an unprecedented collaboration between several local partners.

In order to ensure its operationality on time, Sensyo Pharmatech called on Recipharm, a global manufacturer in biotechnology and in the Fill & Finish filling and packaging industry.

This is a first step towards achieving a transfer of know-how in the manufacture of the drugs and vaccines of tomorrow.

In a statement to the press on the occasion of the arrival at the port of Casablanca of the boat carrying the modules of the industrial vaccine manufacturing unit of Benslimane, Marc Funk, CEO of Sensyo Pharmatech and Recipharm, indicated that the arrival of this ship marks a “very important” first step in the realization of this major project.

He specified that “35,000 tons of equipment and buildings will be assembled on the Benslimane site” to enable Morocco to acquire a manufacturing capacity for vaccines and drugs in an aseptic environment for the needs of the Kingdom and the African continent.

This plant will be built, in accordance with the King’s vision aimed at strengthening Morocco’s health sovereignty, added Mr. Funk, underlining the mobilization of the various parties, namely engineers, building works companies for the preparation of the site, pharmaceutical manufacturing experts, government entities and shareholders who have made exceptional efforts to make this project a reality.

Welcoming the speed of delivery of the modules of the industrial vaccine manufacturing unit to the Kingdom, despite a complex international context, he affirmed that “our objective is to set up this factory as quickly as possible and to respect delays “.

The Benslimane project consists of setting up a vaccine manufacturing and syringe plant (anti-Covid and other vaccines), with 3 industrial lines whose combined production capacity will reach 116 million units in 2024. These lines will be dedicated to the production of pre-filled syringes, liquid vials and freeze-dried vials.

This industrial unit is part of the King’s vision intended to position the Kingdom as an essential biotechnology hub in Africa and around the world, capable of meeting the continent’s health needs in the short and long term, by integrating pharmaceutical research, clinical development, manufacturing and marketing of high-need biopharmaceuticals. It must ultimately mobilize an investment of approximately 400 to 500 million euros.

This project will ensure the Kingdom’s self-sufficiency in vaccines and make the country a leading biotechnology platform on the African continent and the world in the field of the “Fill & Finish” industry. .


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