The Ministry of the Interior has deployed a series of measures for the reform of the tax system

Interior Minister Abdelouafi Laftit assured Tuesday that his department is sparing no effort to develop and implement a battery of measures concerning the management of local finance and the reform of the tax system.

Anxious to improve the management of local finance and to diversify its resources, the ministry adopted a set of legal and operational measures which relate mainly to the application of law N° 07.20 modifying and supplementing law 47.06 relating to the taxation of local authorities, as well as the preparation of a bill relating to royalties, remuneration for services rendered and fines to local authorities, said Abdelouafi Laftit who answered oral questions in the House of Councillors.

With regard to operational measures, the Minister mentioned the establishment of two integrated computer systems for the management of tax revenue and the expenditure of local authorities, the facilitation of tax collection and support for local authorities suffering from a annual budget deficit exceeding 700 million dirhams, in addition to the contribution to the financing of development projects for the benefit of certain communities with limited financial resources.

In the same vein, Abdelouafi Laftit reported the adoption of a series of measures aimed at reducing unpaid debts, in particular the consolidation of the capacities of the local tax administration, the qualification of human resources and the setting up of programs training, in addition to harmonizing the interventions of the various parties responsible for managing taxation and coming under the Ministry of Economy and Finance. The Minister also mentioned the generalization of an integrated computer system for the management of tax revenue from local authorities, the dematerialization of registers for the registration of taxes to be collected and the digitization of revenue orders, in partnership with the services of the General Treasury of the Kingdom.

In addition, Abdelouafi Laftit stressed that the ministry, fully involved in the decentralization project opened since independence, has introduced several reforms to the local tax system by providing it with the necessary regulatory tools to optimize its contribution to this major project. .

The latest reforms to date, he said, consisted of the issuance of a directive concerning the application of law 47.06 relating to the taxation of local authorities and the establishment of the legal framework governing the procedures of declaration and electronic payment of tax due to local authorities.


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