The Independent Union of Nurses protest against assaults, nepotism and mismanagement

Bad management, aggression of staff by citizens, nepotism, and many other problems encountered by nurses and health technicians at the Moulay Youssef hospital center in Rabat.

Recently, a radiology technician at the Moulay Youssef hospital in Rabat was verbally and stabbed by a citizen furious at not being able to see the radiologist doctor because he missed his appointment, in front of the employees of security of the establishment who did not react, reports the Independent Union of Nurses, which expressed its solidarity with the victim and even plans a sit-in in front of the hospital on June 29.

But this aggression is only the taste that broke the camel’s back. Today, the Syndicate demands to see the specifications and the companies with which the hospital works to give its opinion on everything, in particular the canteen, cleaning, and in particular the company in charge of security to stop on the number of agents and their age. According to union member Fatima-Zahra Belline, only a few unions have access to her information to the detriment of others.

Reason why the Independent Union of Nurses is calling on the » Ministry of Health to provide the necessary security to nurses and health technicians in all hospital departments of the hospital against threats and insults, as stipulated in article 19 of the civil service statute“, tells us Fatima-Zahra, whose colleagues have been repeatedly attacked.

In addition, the union holds responsible ” the management of the hospital, which has not fulfilled its commitments concluded between the regional council of the union and the director of the hospital on May 26, and also holds management responsible for the imbalances experienced by the hospital center resulting from the failure to adopt a participatory approach with the union“.

While denouncing the hospital management’s refusal to allow the syndicate to view the specifications of the delegating companies since it is a public offer“, and consider this as” a violation of the right to information“, the union deplores” the anarchy in the management of human resources, and the recruitment to positions of responsibility in the hospital outside the established rules despite the receipt by the management of several circulars, including the last n°1/2022/4448 April, and the verbal recruitment of nursing managers without a written service circular “.

The union is also protesting against the poor treatment of hospital officials with nursing executives and favoritism towards certain unions, and also asks to refrain from delaying the payment of the indemnity of the guards and the revision of the way adopted in the calculation of its value “.

It should be recalled that the new Moulay Youssef hospital center, long awaited by the inhabitants of the capital and outskirts, has just opened its doors to the public at the end of February 2022. The establishment was built on an area of ​​31,173 m2 over four floors and has a bedding capacity of 300 beds in addition to state-of-the-art equipment. A structure that will accommodate and deliver quality care to some 5 million people.


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