The High Authority for Health will be created to guarantee the continuity and quality of health policy

The High Authority for Health will be created soon with the aim of guaranteeing the continuity and quality of the national health policy, said Monday in Rabat, the Head of Government Aziz Akhannouch.

Responding to a question about “the national health system upgrading project”during the plenary session devoted to the government’s public policy in the House of Representatives, Aziz Akhannouch explained that this strategic institution will work to regulate compulsory medical coverage and to evaluate the effectiveness of the services provided by the various stakeholders in the public and private sectors.

The same structure will be responsible for the development of training guides and good practices in the medical field and will ensure the proper use and distribution of care to users and health professionals, he added.

This body is likely to guarantee a real continuity of national health policies and to perpetuate plans and major projects, in addition to ensuring convergence and complementarity between health policy and general orientations in terms of generalization. medical coverage, said the Chief Executive.

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In order to improve the governance of medicine policy in the Kingdom, Aziz Akhannouch stressed that the government is tending, within the framework of the structural reform of the health system, towards the creation of the National Agency for Medicines and health which will be endowed with financial and administrative autonomy.

This agency, he continued, will have the mission of overseeing the development process of the national pharmaceutical policy and contributing to its implementation, in addition to supporting the transformations and challenges that arise in this area.

The consolidation of the Kingdom’s pharmaceutical sovereignty is likely to strengthen health security and guarantee equitable access to medicines and care, argued the Head of Government, adding that through support for national production and the manufacture of generics, citizens will be able to access basic drugs at affordable prices. In this sense, Aziz Akhannouch affirmed the government’s strong support for the project of the manufacturing plant for anti-Covid-19 vaccines and other vaccines, the construction of which was launched by King Mohammed VI, a project that will make it possible to “strengthen the vaccine sovereignty of the Kingdom and make quantities of vaccines available to Africa”.

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Furthermore, he said that the government is working on setting up the Moroccan Blood Agency as soon as possible, the aim being to achieve self-sufficiency in blood products necessary to save lives, given the difficulties encountered by blood transfusion centers in Morocco and the vital importance of this issue for the health of citizens, at a time when the strategic blood stock barely covers a few days.

This agency, specified the Head of Government, will be responsible for the development and implementation of a national strategy for the provision of blood and blood products, the issuance of authorizations for the constitution of blood stocks in the hospital units belonging to the regional health groups and the development of diagnostic and treatment activities, just as it will be responsible for enforcing the standards relating to vigilance when collecting blood from donors.


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