the DGSN ensures and reassures

The Kenitra DGSN reacted quickly and effectively to a video ” compound » (consisting of several associated devices and cameras and edited stories) recently published on the pages of social networks and which has hit the headlines lately in Jorf El Melha.

Indeed, the latter reveals a recording of surveillance cameras which shows two people violently inflicting serious losses or material damage on the windshield of an automobile in Jorf El Melha. The edited video also documents, in another part, a person with bruises on his face who appears to have been robbed or robbed with aggression.

Also, and in order to enlighten public opinion and refute the remarks feeding the vox populi of a so-called security chaos in Jorf El Melha, the security services of Kenitra confirm that the research and investigations which obeyed the injunctions of the Prosecution and carried out by the Kenitra authorities show that these are two different and independent cases. Both were recently dealt with by police officers from the Jorf El Melha regional security police station.

The person on the reference tape was found to have filed a complaint about “an attack on the home of others and the violence linked to a flight on May 28 “. The investigations carried out by the local judicial police brigade of Jorf El Melha under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor’s office, in order to elucidate all the circumstances of this case and to identify the motives for these criminal acts, subsequently enabled the Immediate arrest of a 21-year-old suspect who was taken into custody and brought to justice on June 1.

Just as it was noted that the video linked to the images of material damage inflicted on an automobile dates from May 30. The identity of the three suspects involved in the commission of these criminal acts was quickly defined, which allowed their arrests. These individuals were in an advanced state of intoxication and were apprehended shortly after committing their criminal misdeeds on the property of others.

Moreover, while providing clarifications on these unscrupulous affairs, the Kenitra police authorities did not fail to categorically refute the allegations of insecurity and negligence maliciously imputed to the elements of the police of the regional police station of safety and of the judicial police of Jorf El Melha who are constantly fighting against the various manifestations of crime with the necessary seriousness and efficiency in such a way as to guarantee the consolidation of a sense of security and to guarantee the safety of citizens and their property.


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