The Commandery of Believers, an essential component of the national identity

The Commandery of Believers in Morocco is an active institution and an essential component of Moroccan national identity, said Thursday in Tetouan, the Minister of Habous and Islamic Affairs, Ahmed Toufiq.

Speaking at the inaugural symposium marking the celebration of the designation of Tetouan as “Capital of Civil Society” for the year 2022, Ahmed Toufiq stressed that the Commandery of Believers is not an honorary institution inherited from history. of the Kingdom, but rather an active institution which interacts with the causes of the fatherland and the spiritual questions of the people in particular.

And to add during this conference entitled “the role of the Commandery of Believers in the spiritual peace of Moroccans and social cohesion” that this institution has constituted throughout the history of the Kingdom of Morocco, and in particular during the current era, an essential component of the national identity and a societal and democratic system of governance that preserves the identity national.

It is an institution that Moroccans have accepted for about 13 centuries, he recalled, noting that the Commandery of Believers is a pledge of the Nation’s religious, political and social constants.

The Commandery of Believers aims to be a pillar that strengthens the links between the King and the people, added the minister, stressing that this institution represents a unique model based on the bonds of allegiance.

Over the past two decades, he continued, this institution has remained attached to religious roots while establishing itself as a system for managing religious, spiritual and social affairs with wisdom and foresight, indicating that the Commandery of Believers remains the guarantor of the country’s security in its spiritual, moral and political aspects.

The Commandery of Believers in Morocco is an institution that adapts to changes and enjoys realistic political efficiency as well as a full awareness of the supreme interests of the homeland, he noted.

This institution is also concerned with issues of religion in terms of protection, training, teaching and education, as well as ensuring development conditions for society, the implementation of the provisions of the Constitution and the consecration of political pluralism and cultural tributaries in all its forms, noted Ahmed Toufiq.

The Commandery of Believers, as history and reality prove, guarantees peace, security and stability and assures Morocco and Moroccans immunity against all kinds of extremism and ignorance, while enshrining an Islam tolerant and moderate.

Placed under the High Patronage of King Mohammed VI, the event celebrating the designation of Tetouan as “Capital of Civil Society” for the year 2022 is the result of the partnership between the Delegate Ministry in charge of Relations with Parliament and the International Civil Society Organization for the values ​​of citizenship, development and dialogue, in cooperation with the Tetouan Asmir Association for socio-economic, cultural and sports development.


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