The central trade unions announce a strike and issue a "warning"

The main Moroccan trade union centers announced a strike on June 20 as a sign of “warning” against a background of inflation and low wages. They denounce the deterioration of the living conditions of the middle class.

The Democratic Labor Organization (ODT), the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) and the Federation of Democratic Trade Unions (FSD) have joined forces to announce a strike on 29 June.

Several sectors are concerned, and these are employees of the public service and public establishments, local authorities, transport and logistics.

The general strike is an “accusation” and a “protest”, they say in a press release, denouncing the deterioration of the living conditions of broad social strata, the latest government decisions linked to increases in the prices of raw materials and the prices of fuels.

They criticize the “repeated increases in the prices of certain basic foodstuffs (flour, sugar, oil, gas, etc.)”, explain the unions.

And to estimate that all these things “directly threaten the food security of millions of Moroccans, given the persistent repercussions of the Corona pandemic and the effects of drought, in particular, on the inhabitants of the rural world and all the social strata that live in poverty and precariousness.

The ODT, the CGT and the FSD “as a warning” and that “because of the deprivations and losses suffered by the Moroccan people, their working class as well as all vulnerable and marginalized social strata… demand to end to this situation by approving a real increase in salaries and pensions”.

The unions call for taking into consideration “inflation rates” and ensuring “that all citizens can benefit from the national wealth by establishing social justice”.


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