The Casablanca Stock Exchange closes in the green

The Casablanca Stock Exchange recorded a good day on Monday with an opening and closing in the green. The index of all values, Masi, rose 0.42% to 12,134.22 points (pts).

At the end of a session in the green, the Morocco Stock Index (MSI 20), an index comprising the 20 most liquid stocks, gained 0.56% to 980.86 pts and the Casablanca ESG 10, thematic index which calculates the course performance of socially responsible companies, took 0.83% to 915.51 pts.

On the international side, the FTSE CSE Morocco All-Liquid, a benchmark index that tracks the performance of all liquid securities on the Stock Exchange, appreciated by 0.51% to 10,254.72 pts and the FTSE CSE Morocco 15, composed of the 15 main values ​​classified by market capitalization, improved by 0.6% to 11,328.71 pts.


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