Territorial waters between Morocco and Spain delimited from Monday

The return to normality of relations between Madrid and Rabat, will allow next Monday, the Hispano-Moroccan Commission to delimit the Atlantic maritime borders off the Moroccan Sahara with regard to its first meeting and this, in the presence of representatives of the government of the Canaries.

Iberian media publications have pointed out in this regard that the Spanish government has resumed negotiations regarding the delimitation of the territorial waters boundary with Morocco, with a view to settling the differences in bilateral perceptions on the issue.

The Minister of Public Administration, Justice and Security of the Government of the Canary Islands, Julio Perez, petitioner for the settlement of this file moreover, will represent the Government of the Canary Islands at the ministerial meeting to be held in Madrid.

For his part José Manuel Albares, the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, had confirmed that the authorities of the Canary Islands would be present at all the technical meetings related to the dispute over the demarcation of the maritime border off the Moroccan Sahara.

Jose Manuel Albares pointed out, in a previous press interview with the newspaper “Diario de Avesos”, that “bilateral negotiations are still underway between Madrid and Rabat regarding the demarcation of maritime borders on the Atlantic Ocean”, noting that ” the joint committee will meet again in the coming weeks. »

The official announcement of the new agreement between Spain and Morocco stipulated that “the working group on the delimitation of maritime spaces on the Atlantic Ocean coast will be reactivated, in order to achieve tangible progress”.

The Commission, aims to solve the problem of territorial waters between Morocco and the Canary Islands, an issue on which the Moroccan parliament has already approved two regulations defining an area that overlaps with those of the Spanish islands, and affects an area with oil potential and supposed rich in natural resources and underwater minerals.

Through the two regulations, Morocco defines its territorial waters at 12 miles, defines its exclusive economic zone at 200 miles and decides to extend its continental shelf to 350 miles in accordance with international law in the matter. Thus, Morocco also extends its legal protection to the maritime domain, which includes the Sahara up to the city of Lagouira, and to the northeast up to Saidia on the border with Algeria.


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