Students prepare to leave

From September 1, 2022, face-to-face teaching will resume in Ukraine for all students (nationals and foreigners). The information was announced by the Ukrainian Minister of Education and Science, Andriy Vitrenko.

The Ukrainian Minister of Education and Science, Andriy Vitrenko, had informed, at the beginning of the week, all the parents of pupils and students, that ” the educational process in Ukraine will resume face-to-face from September 1, 2022“.

The Ukrainian minister continued, in a press release whose MoroccoLatestNews UK holds a copy, that ” students and pupils must therefore go to schools, colleges, high schools, universities and vocational training establishments “, from the announced date.

An announcement that delighted Moroccan students from Ukraine, forced to return to Morocco after the outbreak of war in their host country last February. Indeed, some Moroccan students from Ukraine have already started their administrative procedures and started their visa application for the neighboring countries of Ukraine that they are about to join.

Faced with the lack of alternatives and the stalemate in talks with the department of Abdellatif Miraoui, Moroccan students in Ukraine have no choice but to return to Ukraine to continue their studies and obtain their diploma.

» Since many Ukrainian towns were not affected by the war, some of the students expressed their desire to return. There are some who have already started the visa procedure for Poland to then access Ukraine. They do not see any problem in returning since they waited a lot for the Moroccan government and the Ministry of Higher Education to find a solution for them, but unfortunately nothing has been done. “, confides AM, a Moroccan dental student in kyiv.

Apart from the platform launched by the Ministry of Higher Education to identify the number of students from Ukraine in Morocco and their specialty, the latter does not communicate with the students or their parents on the next steps, AM confides to us, who preferred to remain anonymous, noting that even the conditions for access to Moroccan universities set up by the department of Miraoui are not favorable.

Indeed, for the 3,700 students pursuing their studies in medicine, pharmacy and dentistry in Ukrainian universities, the Ministry of Higher Education indicated last month that they could be integrated into the national academic cycle whether public or private, in N-1 (one year less), on condition of passing the entrance exam for access to the first year and the competition for the evaluation of prior learning for the following years.

Not being against the evaluation competition or the entrance exam, the students of Ukraine refuse to lose a year of study and start from scratch the knowledge they have already acquired.

For my case for example, I am in the 4th year of dentistry. I’m going to 5th grade in a few months. If I pass the exam in Morocco, I have to resume my studies from the 3rd year, when I only have one year left to get my dentistry diploma. There, I will find myself resuming the 3rd, 4th, 5th year in addition to the 6th year of the thesis. It is therefore not interesting for me nor for most of the students who refuse this formula proposed by the ministry.“, tells us this future dentist.

Moreover, the parents of the students from Ukraine had rejected most of the conditions proposed by the ministry, in particular the N-1 formula, calling for its abolition. But in vain. The department sticks to this formula at all costs.

In the case of this future dentist, he tells us that he has to return to Ukraine in September to validate his 5th year and get his diploma. ” I’m not afraid to go back to Ukraine, despite the war. I find the situation more complicated in Morocco than there “, he laments.


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