Spain at the 27th International Publishing and Book Fair

Spain will take part in the 27th edition of the International Publishing and Book Fair (SIEL), with a stand organized by the Spanish Embassy in Morocco, through its culture department, and the Cervantes Institute of Rabat.

Thus, the Cervantes Institute of Rabat will present, in collaboration with the department of culture at the Spanish Embassy, ​​a range of activities related to literary productions and publications, in the presence of a host of Spanish and Moroccan writers and translators. .

This great cultural event will start with a storytelling session in Spanish and dialectal Arabic, under the title “stories without a homeland”, by the group of Mohamed Zoughari.

This storytelling session, which took place from June 3 to 5, was aimed at children aged 4 to 12 years old.
As part of these activities, journalist Pedro Zuazua led a journalism workshop for children on June 6, organized in collaboration with the newspaper El Pais.

This interactive workshop offers a series of practical exercises concerning in particular the development of information, the writing of articles and the choice of titles and photos.

On the menu of this annual meeting is also a round table in Spanish with simultaneous translation into Arabic around the theme ”News from Moroccan literature on immigration: Spain”.

The debates of this meeting, organized on June 6 by the Cervantes Institute of Rabat in collaboration with the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME), focused on the literary productions of a generation of emerging Spanish authors from Moroccan origin, as well as on the question of the influence of the evolution of Moroccan immigration on current writing.

The round table, moderated by sociologist Rajaa El Khamsi, will see the participation of writers Laila Karrouch, Said El Kadaoui, Youssef El Maimouni and Nadia Hafid.

The program of the show will also be marked by the presentation of the Spanish-Arabic football dictionary of La Liga, in the presence of the delegate of La Liga in Morocco, Ignacio Gomez Galiana.

The dictionary, developed by the Cervantes Institute and La Liga, aims to promote the learning of the Spanish language in several Arab countries through the influence of football and the most famous teams and players in Spain.

This bilingual football thematic dictionary contains information on clubs, players, competitions and football terminology useful in the world of travel and tourism.

As part of the cycle ”the author and his translator”, a meeting will be organised, on June 9, between the Moroccan writer Abdelfettah Kilito and the Spanish translator Marta Cerezales Laforet, under the sign ”speaking in Spanish, but in Arabic”.

Marta Cerezales Laforet, who has been translating the works of the writer Kilito for more than a decade, has just published her latest book translated into Spanish with El Desvelo Ediciones, “Hablo todas las lenguas, pero en árabe”.

This book is a compilation of articles, lectures and reading notes in which the author analyzes the relationship between dialectal Arabic, classical Arabic and foreign languages, both in daily life and in the litterature.

In addition, a symposium will be organized on June 10 on the theme “Mohamed Mrabet: genius of Moroccan orality”.

Regarding the literary work of the writer Mohamed Mrabet, the fruit of his collaboration with Paul Bowles, the translator Alberto Mrteh will exchange views with the author around his memories of international Tangier, as well as his novels recently published in Spanish : “Amor por un puñado de pelos”, “El limón” and “El gran espejo”.

As part of the cycle ”the author and his translator”, a third symposium is scheduled for June 11 on the theme “What is fictitious in reality”, with the participation of the writer Lorenzo Silva and professor and researcher Ahmed Benramdane.

This meeting will deal with Silva’s Moroccan worlds and the presence of Morocco in his literary work, as well as the particularities of translation into Arabic.


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