Some 400 nurses left Morocco for Quebec between November 2021 and May 2022

The Quebec Days are “an opportunity” for many Moroccans wishing to leave the motherland for a new horizon. Organized in 17 countries around the world, the Journées Québec missions plan to recruit some 3,000 new foreign workers by March 2023. In Morocco, which is experiencing a shortage of health managers, some 400 nurses under the Ministry of Health left this year in Quebec as part of these Days, in the period from November 2021 to May 2022.

The need in Morocco for nurses is in the thousands. The Movement of Nurses and Health Technicians of Morocco (MITSM) estimates this shortage at 34,000 elements, while the Ministry of Health mentions a figure of more than 50,000.

According to a well-informed source, some 400 nurses under the Ministry of Health left for Quebec this year as part of the Journées Québec, and this, during the period from November 2021 to May 2022. A figure which aggravates a lack which already crippling the health care system.

Commenting on this exodus of health executives, Fatima-Zahra Belline, member of MITSM, said to herself ” shocked by this figure even if she confides to us that it is a real phenomenon which is accentuated day by day.

Within the Movement, we have repeatedly sounded the alarm on this scourge of exodus of nurses. In this sense, we have called on officials to look into this category of health executives since their main complaint, which is pushing them to flee the country, will cost the State nothing.“, explains to MoroccoLatestNews UKFatima zahra.

Currently, the Independent Union of Nurses and Health Technicians, “ hands and feet for the creation of the National Order of Nurses and Health Technicians and the development of the employment and skills repository (REC) confides to us this nurse by profession, and which costs nothing to the state, she specifies once again.

» It is not the poor working conditions, or even the mediocre salaries that this category of health executives receives that pushes them to flee the country. But rather the legal proceedings against them. They risk at any time, because of the weak legal arsenal which regulates the profession, to find themselves behind bars.“, explains our interlocutor. Another factor pushing nurses to leave the country is the ” intruder who have no pedagogical or technical knowledge.

The profession lives in alarming anarchy and chaos. Any person with a 2-year training from a private school whose name has never been heard, can come and practice, since the recruitment system today passes through the Agencies and the communities. And of course, the Ministry of Health left state-certified nurses unemployed. It did not increase the number of training seats. And to remedy the shortage in hospitals, we began to hire incompetent individualss”, denounces this nurse trained by the State.

In view of this climate of congestion and unfavorable working conditions, nurses and health technicians prefer to leave their family and friends to work in a country where the profession is respected, supervised and overseen by an Order, she says.

Moreover, I would like to point out that the Order, whose creation we are constantly calling for, does not only protect or defend the health professional, but sanctions him in the event of fault and gives him back the exercise of its difficult function. But it allows him to be assisted and supervised to exercise his function serenely.“, she concludes.


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