Sidi Ali celebrates Morocco by launching the "Bled El Fen" campaign

Sidi Ali, an emblematic brand of natural mineral water since 1978, celebrates the beauty of Morocco and the talent of young Moroccan artists by launching a limited edition of nine bottles, entitled “Bled El Fen”.

“Bled El Fen” is an ode to Morocco’s heritage and its talent pool. To design this range, six young artists from the Moroccan contemporary scene drew on the natural and cultural diversity of our country. Tafoughalt, Chefchaouen, Assilah, Jbel Hebri, Aguelmam Azegza, Ksar Aït Benhaddou, Essaouira, Legzira, and Dakhla are the 9 stops they have chosen to highlight.

These six young women and men, coming from different backgrounds and artistic universes (illustration, 3D design, graffiti, drawing, collage or editing), have made the 33 cl bottle their canvas. Curiosity, fascination, passion or nostalgia animated the artists who were able to freely cast their creative gaze on a landscape dear to their hearts, and personal source of inspiration.

“Sidi Ali is a Moroccan brand that carries the value of citizenship in its DNA, through its solidarity and associative commitments, particularly in the fields of education and sport. Today, it is as a promoter of young Moroccan artistic talents that Sidi Ali chooses to pay tribute to our country. says Salma Hamdouch, Marketing and Communication Director of Oulmès Mineral Waters.

The Sidi Ali “Bled El Fen” limited edition thus demonstrates the brand’s desire to offer artists an original platform for expression. It is also an artistic invitation launched to Moroccans, all generations combined, to rediscover their heritage and its wonders, to encourage tourism and local crafts, while remaining hydrated.

The 9 collector bottles of the Bled El Fen limited edition have been available at various points of sale since May 2022.


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