Sanchez describes Morocco as a "strategic partner" fighting against international mafias

The efforts made by the Kingdom to combat illegal migration are recognized worldwide. Officials, especially Europeans, have repeatedly praised Morocco’s policy in this area. The latest is the head of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez, who called Morocco a “strategic partner” fighting against international mafias.

In an interview with the Spanish newspaper “La Vanguardia”, published on Monday, Sanchez praised Morocco’s efforts to control illegal immigration, assuring that the Kingdom is fighting against the “violent actions of migrants orchestrated by international mafias”.

Morocco is a strategic partner for Spain, not only in terms of controlling illegal immigration (…). Morocco is also important for Spain in the fight against terrorism”he said.

For the Head of the Spanish Executive, “Morocco is also fighting and suffering from the violent actions of migrants”and “The main culprits for the tragedy that has occurred and the regrettable loss of human life are the international mafias that are organizing the violent attacks”.

Addressing the attempted group assault on the metal fence in the province of Nador, which killed 23 illegal Sub-Saharans, Sanchez expressed his ” acknowledgement “ for the work carried out by the elements of the Moroccan public forces.

In this sense, he deplored “the loss of human lives, in this case of desperate people who were looking for a better life and who are the victims and instruments of mafias and criminals who organize violent actions”.

As a reminder, illegal migrants from sub-Saharan African countries led an attempted group assault on Friday morning against the metal fence in the province of Nador, using very violent methods and causing a huge and fatal falls from the top of the fence.

The latest report, made public on Saturday by the local authorities, reported 23 deaths among illegal Sub-Saharans. An element of the public force and 18 assailants are still under medical supervision.

This forced passage attempt, where 140 members of the police force were injured to varying degrees, was marked by the use of unprecedented violence by the candidates for irregular immigration against the members of the police. , who acted with professionalism and in compliance with laws and regulations.

Armed with stones, truncheons and sharp objects, these candidates for illegal immigration put up violent resistance to the police, mobilized to prevent them from crossing the fence, as shown in the images (photos and videos) circulating on the web and social networks since last Friday.


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