Sadikki highlights traceability, hygiene, supply and control

The Council of Government (CG), meeting this Thursday in Rabat, under the chairmanship of the Head of Government Aziz Akhannouch, was interested in the question of Aid Al Adha, in particular prices, livestock and putrefied meat, including some Moroccans experienced last year. Here are the details.

During a press briefing at the end of this meeting, the Minister of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests, Mohammed Sadiki detailed the situation a few days away from the feast of the sacrifice, in particular the issue of livestock, the conduct of this religious event so dear to Moroccans, including the watchful eye of the Executive regarding quality and price control”.

Regarding the preparations for Eid Al Adha, Mr. Sadiki said that “ like all years, the guardianship pays particular attention to this event. As for the statistics on the 8 million animals intended for sacrifice this year, of which 248,000 have been eliminated de facto by the health protection services as well as others (the informal sector) who could find themselves in various markets, there will ultimately only be 6.6 million head that ONSSA has digitized to allow their traceability”.

For the Minister of Agriculture, this greatly exceeds the supply and demand for livestock (5.6 million animals). As for prices, there is something for all budgets, the minister said, however, suggesting, while explaining the vagaries of the sheep market in Morocco, a slight increase.

But Mohammed Sadiki also highlighted the importance of the digital platform created by the National Sheep and Goat Association (ANOC) made up of 75% of national breeders for the online sale of sheep and goats members of the Association intended for the Eid Al Adha.

Launched during the week, “My Anoc Market” in this case, is in line with the objective of digital transformation of the sector and which will facilitate the sale of sheep and goats by detailing the main points of this initiative. These aim to develop a tangible and quickly operational response to bring out and develop new alternatives to traditional distribution channels by allowing consumers to obtain sheep or goats without having to travel, with a national delivery service. In addition, it allows buyers to view the products available for sale with their characteristics (breed, weight, age, etc.).

With regard to putrefied meats that were recorded during the last Eids, the Minister affirmed that a firm control system had been established aimed at the movements of carriers of chicken excrement to curb their use in fodder crops. According to a study, these excrements are the main cause of the putrefaction of meats, he further indicated.

ONSSA’s veterinary services have controlled more than 242 thousand sheep and goat breeding and fattening units designated for the Eid holiday and monitoring nearly 32 million heads in Morocconoted the minister.

Several violations have been noted, including nearly 250 cases that are being prosecuted for the marketing of unlicensed veterinary drugs in unstructured markets,” explains the government official. Mohammed Sadiki has promised that his department will publish a press release to this effect as soon as possible, including all the statistics relating to these irregularities in the Moroccan markets. did he declare.


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