“Royal Donuts”, “Royal Burger” and “Chérie-Chéri”, the fake brands of the Azaitar brothers

In the world of the Azaitar brothers, everything is wrong. The extent of their sporting exploits, the origin of their fortune, their untouchable status and even the concept of their businesses inaugurated with great fanfare in the marina of Salé last March.

Thus, the point of sale called Royal Donuts is not part of the network of the famous German brand of the same name. Asked by MoroccoLatestNews, a source close to Enes Seker, the main founder of Royal Donuts, said that the German brand has no franchise restaurant in Morocco, not just one. The only way for Moroccans to consume the (real) donuts of the international brand is to order them online, via its shops in Belgium.

However, the Azaitar brothers had no qualms about reproducing the brand’s distinctive signs and know-how in their donut shop opened at the Salé marina. A usurpation which could well make the multi-convicted German-Moroccans return to the German courts, because Enes Seker accuses the siblings of having “stolen his mark”. His lawyers are “working on this case,” according to our source in Cologne.

“Once a thief, always will steal,” wrote Arthur Schopenhauer in one of his most famous essays on free will. Rather than educate his delinquent sons in a controversial Saudi institution in Germany, the father of Abu Bakr, Omar, Khalid and Ottman Azaitar would have done better to familiarize them with the thought of the German philosopher. Far from the false beliefs spread by Wahhabism and in which they grew up, they would have at least learned how difficult it is to escape one’s true nature.

Those who think that the Azaitar have drawn a line under their heavy criminal past are wrong

That of the Azaitar brothers is not honorable. Obviously, no one is immune to slippages or youthful mistakes, but the criminal record of the siblings and the greed they show are such that we have no trouble adhering to Schopenhauer’s vision. .

On May 1, 2021, we revealed the chilling criminal record of the Azaitar brothers before they embarked on mixed martial arts (MMA): “robbery, extortion, fraud, physical violence, criminal association, robbery and recidivism , computer fraud, driving without a license, bodily harm causing permanent disability, assault and battery, drug trafficking, forgery and use of forgery and resistance to law enforcement. This incredible pedigree earned Abu Bakr, for example, convictions in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and two more in 2012.

His twin Omar, meanwhile, has racked up similar exploits with a penchant for robbery, including armed robbery, and extortion. The practices of the man who was manager and trainer of Abu Bakr and Ottman, give full meaning to a Hebrew proverb which would like that “when a thief kisses you, count your teeth”.

Band leader Omar Azaitar

Enes Seker and his associate Abdullah Sevim are currently counting theirs. They still can’t come back from having discovered the extent of the counterfeiting of their brand by the Azaitar brothers, headed by Omar, who is the ringleader in this incredible usurpation. Founded in 2018 in Cologne by the two entrepreneurs of Turkish origin, the brand with the original concept of donuts, available in 120 different ways, has enjoyed dazzling success to the point of now having more than 300 franchised restaurants in Germany (170) , Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Ukraine, Austria, Greece, Portugal, Netherlands, France, Spain, United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and Tunisia (Tunis).

Instagram page of the German brand Royal Donuts

One only has to take a look at the Instagram account of parent company Royal Donuts, which has 230,000 followers, to realize that it follows all franchised outlets around the world, but that of the Azaitar brothers does not appear. in the list.

Just as the siblings’ Instagram account, called Royal Donuts Morocco, does not show any relationship with the company founded by the two entrepreneurs of Turkish origin.

The Instagram account of Royal Donuts Morocco showing no link with the parent company in Germany

Plagiarism, counterfeiting and parasitism

If it is not illegal to be inspired by an existing model, because an idea or a concept cannot be completely protected, nobody can purely and simply copy the materialization of this model, whether it is the texts of the site, the presentation brochure, the design, the name, the product, the menu or the logo. These elements are, in fact, protected by copyright, or even for some, by patents.

Between the German brand Royal Donuts and the point of sale opened on March 27 by the Azaitar brothers, the risk of confusion or association has been proven. Far from having only simple similarities, the logo and the name alone would be enough to convict counterfeiters.

Name, logo, menu, donuts, decoration: everything is copied

Thus, when comparing the menus of the international brand Royal Donuts and Royal Donuts-Morocco, it is easy to understand that the consumer could get lost in them, just as he would easily believe that he saw in certain distinctive signs of the logo copied by the siblings , that of the (real) brand. Both sport a crown over the letter O of Royal. The only precaution taken by the Azaitar brothers consists in eliminating a branch of the crown which has 5 on the real logo of the German brand.

German sign Royal Donuts with 5 branch crown and
Royal Donuts-Morocco des Azaitar with 4 branches only

A prerequisite that they did not, however, consider having to provide for their other point of sale, Royal Burger, adjoining the donut store in the Salé marina. The crown has 5 branches on it, but instead of the donut-shaped O from the original logo, they just put a burger. Note that Royal Burger is the name of a product created by the international brand Royal Donuts. It is a donut cut in the middle and filled with a filling, like a burger. It is with this type of offer and its ability to renew itself regularly that the German brand stands out from its main competitor, the American giant Dunkin.

Instead of the O-shaped donuts in the logo of the German Royal Donuts, the azaitar settled for a hamburger

Damage to the image of the Royal Donuts brand

Here again, on the side of the marina of Salé, we are dealing with a fake. The range has been totally copied by the siblings who can be attacked for “parasitism” if it is shown that it contributes to the degradation of the brand image of Royal Donuts and takes “undue advantage of the know-how and efforts human and financial resources granted by a company, victim of the actions of the person who usurps the notoriety acquired by this competitor. »

The Azaitars have also gone so far as to reproduce the broadcast on their Instagram accounts of the same commercials for the German franchise Royal Donuts and the graphics used for the packaging do not escape this copy-paste either.

The azaitar reproduce the distribution, on their “instagram” accounts, of the same commercials
produced by the German franchise “royal donuts”

The third business opened by the siblings, the shisha bar Chérie, Chéri is also the subject of rough copies. A simple search on the internet reveals that the name is that of a French concept store and café created in the city of Rennes. There is also a dating app of the same name. Its creator, a matchmaker of modern times, has been offering meeting evenings for 14 years in Paris, the French capital.

Decoration of the Chérie Chéri shisha bar at the Marina de Salé
French concept store and café created in the city of Rennes

The imitation does not stop there since the decorative elements were modeled after Rolls Dotty’s, which is none other than the Spanish subsidiary of Royal Donuts. The interior design, the atmosphere, the colors, the wall of flowers are there to testify to a reproduction that the Spanish promoters could denounce, in the wake of the German parent company.

A copy-paste that could cost them dearly

Before taking the risk of a prison sentence and heavy fines, the siblings could quite simply have bought the right to use the Royal Donuts brand by having their point of sale franchised by the German brand which knows one fastest growing in the world with 6 new stores opening every month. To be a franchisee, you need a contribution of 50,000 euros (530,000 dirhams) and pay an entry fee of 85,000 euros (900,000 dirhams), can we read in specialized sites.

However, it is not the money that Omar Azaitar lacks, the one of the brothers who took care of setting up the family businesses. The price of just one of the Richard Mille luxury watches that he proudly displays on his wrist regularly in social networks would have been enough to have at least 5 stores franchised by the parent company.

Omar Azaitar with a Richard Mille luxury watch on his wrist

But the Azaitar brothers aren’t ones to checkout. They are the ones who get paid, not the other way around. They are so caught up in a regime of power within which they loudly claim their position of dominance, that they no doubt consider that they owe nothing to anyone. Two words precisely explain this posture: arrogance and vanity. They made the siblings lose all notion of reality and led them to a desire for domination that spreads and overflows to reduce Moroccans, outraged by their excesses, to silence. This same arrogance and this same vanity have led them to arrogate and illegitimately attribute to themselves concepts that do not belong to them, thinking that no one would come to challenge them.

We are in the absurd and the sordid

If in Morocco lives have been shattered so that people swollen with emptiness like Omar, Abu Bakr, Ottman and Khalid continue their imposture, the founders of the (real) Royal Donuts brand do not intend to let themselves be robbed by those whom the press German had nicknamed “Ferrari-style gangsters”.

While waiting for them to take legal action, the owners of another German restaurant chain, “3h’s”, of which the Azaitars have had a franchise in Tangier since 2019, have put an end to their collaboration with the cumbersome siblings. Indeed, the official web page of the hamburger franchise no longer refers to a subsidiary in Morocco. We were unable to obtain more information on the reasons for this separation, but there is little doubt that the siblings’ trademark infringement practices must have comforted the founders of “3h’s” in this breach of contract.

the azaitar restaurant in Tangier is still operational under the name “3h’s”, before it was renamed “royal burger morocco”, as indicated by the official “instagram” page of the said establishment


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