Professionals divided between support and refusal

Butane and propane gas distributors in Morocco announced a 48-hour strike last week on June 29 and 30. But the division seems to reign within the professionals of the sector. Some have suspended their strike, others announce to maintain it at all costs.

Last Thursday, the Professional Association of Liquid Gas Depositories in Morocco held a meeting with the services of the Ministries of Interior and Finance to find solutions that would dissuade distributors from starting their national strike. After this meeting, the Association announced that it was suspending its strike, but the union did not.

Indeed, the National Syndicate of Gas Distributors and Depositories in Morocco assured Sunday evening to maintain its strike on June 29 and 30, in execution of the decision and following the recommendations of the assembly held on May 22 in Fez.

This announcement, specifies the Union, comes after it was informed of the conclusions of the meeting at the Ministry of the Interior with the Professional Association of Liquid Gas Depositories in Morocco and which followed up on the suspension of the strike by the latter.

Thus, the Union expressed its ” surprise » of the decision taken by the said Association to suspend the strike, denouncing at the same time its exclusion from the dialogue for the resolution of pending cases and renewing its commitment to stopping the distribution of gas cylinders on June 29 and 30 . A strike which may be extended if the demands of the distributors are not satisfied, specifies the Union.

In this regard, the National Union of Gas Distributors and Depositories in Morocco once again asserts its “ right to obtain the amounts, at least, of the distribution services from all the companies, so that the distributors can take advantage of the profit margin which is borne neither by the government nor by the citizen, but by the businesses only“.

It is, according to him, “ of a legitimate right which in no way affects the Treasury of the State“.

The announcement of the strike by butane and propane gas distributors in Morocco comes because of the rise in fuel prices and the silence of the government, which refuses any dialogue despite the numerous invitations sent to this effect, according to the National Union of Distributors and gas depositories in Morocco.

The professionals thus raise numerous problems which have led them to resort to strike action, mainly the rise in fuel prices in Morocco, the high cost of spare parts, wheels, the panoply of charges weighing on the distributor in addition to the fact that they have not benefited from the government aid recently sent to road transport professionals.

In a statement to MoroccoLatestNewsAhmed Nadif, from the National Syndicate of Gas Distributors and Depositories in Morocco, said that “ turning back is an option that is not possible, and there is even a reflection on an extension of the strike if the government does not offer real solutions to the problems of the sector, in particular those related to the distribution of bottles of gas which is currently free noting that the primary reason behind the strike decision is high fuel prices.

In Morocco, the last strike of butane gas distributors dates back to the end of 2014, which required the intervention of the Ministry of the Interior through calls initiated with the representative structures of the distributors to suspend the strike followed by a press release issued by the Wilaya of Casablanca, in which she revealed the intervention of officials affiliated with the same ministry.


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