Presidential candidate Aziz El Badraoui presents his program

The candidate for the presidency of Raja of Casablanca, Aziz El Badraoui presented, Friday in Casablanca, the main lines of his program.

During a press conference, Aziz El Badraoui, sole candidate for the 2022-2026 term, said that Raja needs governance in administrative, financial and technical management.

He stressed, in this sense, that his project aims to set up a high-level technical direction, because the problems that Raja has suffered lately are mainly technical.

The financial aspect has also posed a problem for Raja, he noted, emphasizing the need to enhance the club’s revenues which, according to him, are not up to its stature.

He advocated, in this sense, the use of the reputation of the club and the Raja label and the strengthening of the marketing component.

He also pleaded for the restructuring, according to international standards, of the Oasis complex so that it fully assumes its mission of incubator for the Raja.

Moreover, he considered that Raja is a title club and each president is called upon to lead it towards performances at the national, regional and continental levels.

The season is not over yet and the team still has every chance for the national championship and Throne Cup titles, he said.

Raja Casablanca had announced that the elective general assembly will be held on June 16 to elect a new executive board, following the resignation of the club’s current board at the end of the season.


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