Operation Marhaba 2022: RAM offers 6 million seats on 80 air routes

The general manager of Royal Air Maroc (RAM), Hamid Addou, said that as part of the Marhaba 2022 operation, the national company has reinforced its flight program for the 2022 summer season, by offering 6 million seats on 80 air routes across four continents.

Speaking at a conference entitled around the collective mobilization for the reception of Moroccans from around the world, Addou stressed that RAM has restored air routes that were closed during the health crisis and opened new lines, noting that this program will cover nearly 90% of the network covered by RAM in 2019.

Highlighting the measures planned by RAM to successfully move Moroccans around the world during the summer, he said that the company will provide more than 2.2 million seats on the European continent which is home to several large communities of Moroccans.

“Some 437 frequencies per week will connect 9 Moroccan airports to 32 airports on the European continent”, he said, noting that in detail, in France, 890,000 seats will be offered and 400 flights will be operated per week on 28 air routes connecting 9 airports in France to 8 cities in the Kingdom, and the lines connecting 8 Moroccan airports to Paris (CDG and Orly) will offer, on their own, 121 frequencies per week.

On the rest of Europe, 43 air routes will connect 22 European airports to 8 Moroccan cities for a capacity of more than 1.3 million seats, the company thus offering 237 frequencies per week, he further underlined.

The air routes where large communities of Moroccans around the world reside and which experience high demand in summer, will be reinforced, while the lines linking Casablanca to Barcelona, ​​Bologna, Malaga, Madrid, Brussels, and Milan will increase to a double daily flight. , he observed.

And to note that in North America, the national company will mobilize nearly 500,000 seats, or 6% more than the offer proposed in summer 2019, adding that some 35 weekly frequencies will be set up on the four air routes connecting Casablanca in New York, Washington, Montreal and Miami.

In Africa, RAM has strengthened its network which will increase to 25 airlines and an offer of 900,000 seats, noted Hamid Addou, noting that some 110 frequencies per week will be offered.

Thus, the Company will gradually recover the network it had on the continent before the Covid-19 crisis, he continued, adding that in the Middle East, RAM will offer 200,000 seats, an increase of 25%. compared to the summer 2019 offer, and 17 frequencies will be scheduled on the six air routes operated by the company linking Casablanca to Jeddah, Riyadh, Medina, Cairo, Tel Aviv and Dubai.

It should be noted that the “Marhaba 2022” operation, launched under the aegis of the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, began on Sunday June 5 at the various arrival points in the Kingdom, for the reception of Moroccans residing abroad (MRE) in optimal conditions.


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