Morocco renews its support for Riyadh's candidacy for the organization of "Expo 2030"

Morocco has renewed its support for the candidacy of Riyadh, capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to host “Expo 2030″, underlines the minutes of the 13th session of the meeting of the Moroccan-Saudi joint commission, held this Thursday in Rabat.

The joint commission stressed the importance of coordinating the positions of the two countries in regional and international organizations on issues of common interest, the minutes said, which underlined that the two parties also agreed to continue to support each other. candidates within these organizations.

The Joint Commission has also agreed, adds the same source, to adopt a flexible mechanism whereby information on the candidacies of the two countries is exchanged in advance at the beginning of each year to ensure the necessary support in a timely manner.

Welcoming the strengthening of cooperation at the multilateral level, the Moroccan side informed its Saudi counterpart of the intention of the Kingdom of Morocco to host a high-level conference on the theme of health diplomacy and emergency response, in cooperation with the World Health Organization, the World Bank and the Republic of Rwanda, wishing for an effective participation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in this important conference.


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