Morocco, the most attractive African country in 2022

Morocco is the most attractive African country in 2022, according to the Attractiveness and Stability Indices of the Amadeus Institute.

“For the first time since the creation of the African Continent’s Attractiveness and Stability Indexes in 2012, Morocco has reached the highest step of the podium on the issue of attractiveness, ahead of South Africa”Amadeus said in a statement.“Morocco ranks 3rd on the stability index. Traditionally occupying good scores in this category, it maintains its position compared to the previous year”says the same source.

The global economic situation and the weakening of many African economies and entire sectors, such as tourism, has affected many countries on the continent, the statement noted, noting that Morocco has managed to maintain a strong attractiveness profile. in this context thanks to its macroeconomic indicators, the quality of regulation, the quality of its infrastructure and the development of its financial system. VS

Created by the Amadeus Institute in 2012, with the support of Casablanca Finance City Authority, the African Stability and Attractiveness Indices aim to measure economic performance, social and environmental vulnerabilities, as well as the political and security framework of the all African countries among themselves, through more than 70 indicators from African and international databases.

The indices of stability and attractiveness in Africa provide an overview of the economic, political and security situation of the continent and thus compare the performance of African countries, while taking into account the particularities inherent in each of them and to each of the sub-regions of the continent, the Institute reports.

And to specify that the 2022 report, which accompanies the publication of the Indices, was written and conducted under the direction of a Scientific Committee made up of specialists from the continent as well as by the team from the Amadeus Institute.

Thus, the Scientific Committee of the Indices of Attractiveness and Stability in Africa is composed of Blaise Mbatshi, founder & associate director at BMCG, (Democratic Republic of Congo), Simba Orlando, Executive Director of the Pan African Congress (Kenya) and Franklin Cudjoe, founding president and CEO of IMANI Center for Policy & Education (Ghana).

It is also composed of Professor Joseph Adelegan, founder and president of the Global Network for Environment and Economic Development Research, (Nigeria), Professor Thérèse Azeng, teacher-researcher in political economy, University of Yaoundé II (Cameroon) and Professor Coffie Francis -José N’Guessan, deputy director in charge of research at the Ivorian Center for Economic and Social Research (CIRES) (Côte d’Ivoire).


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