Morocco is involved in various initiatives that have enabled it to open up to the associative fabric (Baitas)

The minister delegate in charge of relations with parliament, government spokesperson, Mustapha Baitas affirmed, Wednesday in Rabat, that the Kingdom has been actively engaged in recent years in various initiatives and projects which have enabled it to open up to citizens and the associative fabric.

“The distinguished path that the Kingdom had traced was not a historical coincidence, but rather a desired orientation which finds its foundations in the various Royal speeches which emphasize the need to support the initiatives of citizens and associations of civil society in the process of public decision-making, by offering a favorable legal and political environment”, indicated Mr. Baitas in an opening word of a communication meeting at the House of Representatives with the authorities of the civil society. regarding the institution’s commitments under the “Open Government Partnership Initiative” (OGP).

He underlined that the government has embodied the Royal will aiming for a global openness to societal initiatives by engaging in the OGP, and this through the continued support of the principles of transparency, accountability and participation in order to strengthen democracy. and to contribute to global development, emphasizing in this sense that Morocco attaches great interest to this initiative, which is reflected in the importance of its qualitative contributions in this action.

In this wake, he referred to the adoption by the Kingdom of the National Open Government Action Plan for the period 2018-2020, developed as part of a participatory approach, praising the efforts of the Delegate Ministry in charge of the Digital Transition. and the Reform of the administration in the consolidation of this program in terms of supervision, coordination and support.

Mr. Baitas also recalled the contributions of the Delegate Ministry in charge of Relations with Parliament to the success of this project, through the implementation of its commitments to put in place support mechanisms for the transparency of public subsidies granted to civil society organizations, through the creation of the “Charaka” portal, the strengthening of the dynamics of public consultations at national and regional levels, the establishment of an electronic partnership platform between the State and associations, the consolidation of citizen participation by encouraging civil society to adopt mechanisms of participatory democracy and the improvement of associations’ access to the audiovisual field.

The government’s involvement in the OGP initiative in its second plan (2021-2023) continued through the development of new commitments according to a participatory methodology agreed with representatives of civil society organizations, the minister continued. , noting that the national action plan in its current version includes new qualitative axes such as transparency, quality of public services, equality and inclusion, open justice, citizen participation and open territorial communities.

He noted that the Ministry is currently working on the implementation of three fundamental commitments within the framework of the OGP, namely the creation of a national portal to train associations remotely, which should allow all beneficiaries to become familiar with the mechanisms of participatory democracy and the different components of civil life, the establishment of the necessary mechanisms to strengthen the transparency of public subsidies granted to civil society organizations through the improvement of the “charaka-association” portal .ma” by ensuring that it is regularly updated, and the promotion of citizen participation by setting up a legal framework for public consultations and contractual volunteering.


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