Moroccan journalists mistreated upon their arrival in Algeria

Left to cover the Mediterranean Games in Oran, Moroccan journalists, who accompanied the Moroccan sports delegation, taking part in this event saw an end of non-receipt being brandished by the Algerian authorities against them and therefore were banned from access to Algerian territory.

Between the occasional ululations received by the Moroccan sports delegation participating in the World Youth Day in Oran and the cheers that were chanted outside Oran airport, it seems that the reality of the facts was in the domain of the third dimension in Oran on June 22.

Algeria and its media propaganda machine tried to show that they would welcome Moroccans as Morocco does for Algerians in sports competitions, with great fanfare and benevolence, despite political tensions.

But only the arrival of the athletes was highly publicized, so much so that in their declarations they said they were “surprised” by such a welcome. Because knowing Algeria and its visceral hatred of Morocco, it is absolutely not part of its habits to call onlookers to launch you-yous or applaud Moroccans.

And the proof that this was staged, we did not have to wait long to see the perversion of the Algiers regime which took nine Moroccan journalists hostage, including a colleague, for long hours, spending the night on the ground in the airport, despite being in compliance with the regulations (accreditations, authorizations and all the related stuff) of the JM of Oran which, moreover, remains the domain of the JM committee.

The journalists but also the entire delegation representing the Kingdom (athletes, leaders) had already had to pass through Tunis with a 5-hour stopover, before reaching Oran.

Spending the night on the floor of Oran airport without any explanation being given to them, the journalists apparently had to undergo an identity check. But their adventures are part of a real hostage taking on the part of the organizing country.

The Algerian authorities in a semblance of murmur argued that routine checks are carried out on the identity of people arriving in Algeria for the Mediterranean Games.

But needless to recall that only our Moroccan journalists have suffered this odious treatment. It seems that the Algerian authorities can no longer control their hatred of anything Moroccan and can no longer hide from it, even if it means making a fool of themselves.


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