Moroccan journalists call for the suspension of the authorization granted to an Israeli media

A collective of Moroccan journalists has launched an appeal “against normalization with the Zionist occupation” following the assassination of the American-Palestinian journalist, Shireen Abu Aqleh. He calls for revoking the authorization granted to an Israeli media to open an office in Morocco.

“We follow with great concern the dangerous path of normalization pursued by the Moroccan state, since December 2020, through several agreements and decisions that allow the institutions of the Zionist occupation to desecrate our country”began by denouncing in a forum a group of journalists called “Moroccan journalists against normalization with the Zionist occupation”.

Media professionals denounce the granting of an operating license to an Israeli e-channel to open two offices in Morocco “at a time when the wound is still raw from the assassination, in cold blood and before the eyes of the world, of our journalist colleague Shireen Abu Aqleh by the army of occupation”.

They recall in this sense that “The Israeli occupation has always been an enemy of freedom of expression and the press in Palestine”saying that the continuous targeting of journalists with arrests and assassinations is proof of this.

The collective addresses the figures of violations perpetrated against journalists by Israel for at least 20 years. Thus, he writes that since the 2000s, there have been 55 journalists who have died while performing their duties.

“On May 31, our colleague, Ghoufran Warasna in Al Khalil, fell on the battlefield for press freedom. Not to mention more than 368 Israeli violations against journalists in 2021, and 100 violations since the beginning of this year, during their coverage of events”they write.

The journalists also denounce the Moroccan media’s coverage of information and events linked to Israel, believing that “The normalization of Moroccan media with Israeli institutions is also a clear implication in falsifying the truth, encouraging the killing of innocents, stealing land, demolishing houses and erasing the Palestinian narrative and replacing it by a false Zionist narrative that distorts the present and history”.

“We condemn the opening of the office of a Zionist channel in Morocco and the organization of the opening ceremony with great fanfare and our demand for the immediate closure of the office. This approach is a provocation for us journalists who are supporters of the truth, above all a huge provocation to the feelings of Moroccans whose hearts and minds are linked to Palestine, a national cause, like the Moroccan Sahara.wrote the signatories.

According to them, “the normalization of the media with the Zionist occupation is a crime against Palestinians, Moroccans and humanity”while condemning the “Israeli violations against journalists and all Palestinians” and affirming “our absolute solidarity with the victims and their families”.

They also issue a warning for what they call a “trap of the false narrative around +our Jewish community in Israel”

“We recall that Israeli settlers, including those of Moroccan origin, are criminals and occupiers. And that Moroccan Jews living in their homeland (Morocco) or expatriates are our fellow citizens, and even among them several involved in the fight against the apartheid regime“, they added.


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