Moroccan experts insist on the importance of the third dose

Faced with the gradual resumption of contamination at coronavirus lately, Moroccan experts have been encouraging citizens and residents to go to vaccination centers to receive a third dose of the vaccine against Dame Covid to protect against Omicron variants (Omicron mutant and BA.2 sub-mutant).

It is that despite the awareness campaigns carried out mainly by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and its partners, people are still reluctant in Morocco to inoculate themselves with this third dose. Just 6,489,371 people received all three doses of the coronavirus vaccine as of yesterday, while the number who received the second dose rose to 23,327,710 people, compared to 24,844,104 for the the first dose. The WHO has estimated the level of risk associated with the different variants, including Omicron, to be very high. The number of Covid 19 contaminations has reached new records, and the WHO expects the emergence of a new wave this summer. However, the UN Organization wants to be reassuring and predicts that it will be less virulent because of the “natural immunity” acquired.

In this regard, Ihsan El Meskini, a virology researcher, told MoroccoLatestNews that “the Omicron variant has produced other sub-mutants, one of which (BA.2) is spreading significantly in Morocco taking advantage of the mobility of people and tourism both locally and internationally“. El Meskini added that “the number of daily Covid-19 infections has reached 1,600 cases and that this number will increase exponentially this summer in view of Eid al-Adha when people travel in large numbers to the four corners of the country“.

Also, faced with the fear of a more effective propagation, he recommends to “all people affected by the third dose to go to the vaccination centers as soon as possible, in particular the categories of vulnerable people suffering from chronic diseases to cope in the best conditions with the waves to come“. Our interlocutor insisted, however, that “the new wave will be average unlike previous waves, given the natural immunity acquired after infection with the disease, and the progression of the vaccination rate of individuals around the world“. According to the virologist, “the virus will be less widespread and the mortality rate will be reduced”, but vigilance is still required.

For his part, Professor Saïd Moutawakil, a specialist in resuscitation, declared that “the confusion that accompanied the third dose is the cause of its low demand by Moroccans, in addition to the psychological fatigue due to the consequences of the pandemic“. Moutawakil explained, in an interview with MoroccoLatestNews, that “the third dose boosts the herd immunity of individuals, especially those over the age of 65 according to scientific research and clinical trials conducted by global health experts“.

The resuscitation specialist added: “82% of infection cases that faced a health risk were not fully vaccinated in Morocco”. Also according to him,this requires receiving this booster dose to avoid the dangerous side effects of the disease“. Moutawakil indicated concluding that “The vaccine does not protect the person against lady Covid infection, but rather dangerous side effects that can lead to death, which must be taken into account“. The two experts invite Moroccans to maintain barrier gestures and in particular the wearing of masks in closed spaces and call on the elderly, vulnerable people and those with chronic diseases to receive the third dose, the coverage rate of which is not has not even reached 18%.


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