Medical students strongly reject the integration of students returning from Ukraine

The National Commission of Students in Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy of Morocco has renewed its rejection of the integration of Moroccan students returning from Ukraine, criticizing the approach favored by the government.

The representatives of medical students unanimously rejected the integration of Moroccan students into the universities of the kingdom after “an in-depth study and a responsible and constructive discussion, within a broad framework including the general public at the national level. “, they believe.

They express formally and unanimously their “absolute rejection” of this track envisaged by the executive, in a press release.

The students explain that the integration of students returning from Ukraine into Moroccan universities is “impossible” given the direct threat it poses to the quality of training of students in medicine, dentistry and pharmacy in the public sector, considering that there is not enough supervision, nor enough availability to accommodate all these expected numbers.

In addition, they consider “illegal” the approach of the supervisory ministries, because, according to them, it “violates the constitutional principle which guarantees equal opportunities for all Moroccans”.

Faced with the criticisms addressed to medical students in Morocco, they reply that they will not accept that one calls into question “the spirit of their high responsibility and their sincere patriotism”.

“The motive and the driving force (of their work, editor’s note) always have our attachment and our pride in our medical training and our concern to provide and activate all the means, resources and mechanisms to make the student today, the doctor and pharmacist of tomorrow capable of providing medical care worthy of the Moroccan citizen,” they added.

They hold responsible for what they describe as anger and an unprecedented state of agitation currently experienced by the faculties of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy in Morocco, the two supervisory ministries, namely the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation.

And to seize the opportunity to recall their rejection of the reduction to 6 years instead of 7, the duration of initial training, judging that this decision raises “many concerns about the quality of training, mainly with regard to the quality of the degree and its internationality”.

As a reminder, the anger of medical students in Morocco comes in the wake of the decision of the Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, Abdellatif Miraoui, who announced that entrance exams for integrate medical students returning from Ukraine, will be held immediately after Aid Al Adha and the case will be settled definitively next month.

Before Parliament, the Minister affirmed that he had contacted all the universities concerned in the country, public and private, to study the possibility of enrolling new students, taking into account the number of places available.


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