Marrakech between the laughter of some...and the ire of others

Definitely the magic of Marrakech never ceases to captivate the “people” of the world. And his laughter is no exception. Except that sometimes it’s the ire of a few frustrated people East of Eden, who better laugh before crying.

The city of Marrakech, welcoming as it is, has no preference for “flane or fertelane” it is traditionally open to all, this is part of the gene of our hospitality. The subject of this article, which we would have gladly dispensed with because of an eccentric futility that in the East of Eden, we are doggedly trying to feed hatred, did not take place. Logically at least. But here we are, the increase in a fact which the senile members of the Algiers regime are trying to tint politically, forces us to shout haro on the two puppets that are the Statlers and Waldorfs made in “Algeria”.

Let’s come to the point in him, even! Ryad Mahrez, Islam Slimani, Saïd Benrahma and Rachid Ghezzal, talented Algerian international footballers, have taken up residence in the ocher city during their holidays after a season full of emotions. Nothing unusual about that. Nothing abnormal either, that this parterre of exceptional players attend, since they are there, at the Marrakech of laughter, the event that Djamel Debbouze has been organizing for ten years.

Many stars from the art world have passed on his stage, whether they are theater actors, comedians, sportsmen or others, they were there to have fun and appreciate laughter in all its forms and basta!

But what does the senile regime of Algiers reproach for mounting a campaign of hatred and lively controversy against these brave people and fueling litigation on the networks? Unfortunately this is not from today. We looked for lice in the hair of the captain of the Fennecs long before, in May just after being crowned Premier League champion with Man City, the talented winger had landed with his family and friends in Marrakech.

In truth, the best representatives of Algeria, outstanding ambassadors of the real Algeria, are blamed for a visit to the Kingdom when diplomatic relations are complex between the two countries. Morocco has never closed its doors to the brotherly Algerian people, on the contrary, and the outstretched hand of King Mohammed VI is still valid.

The happy few of the bootlickers of the two senile people of Algiers, disavow on the networks in Algeria, Mahrez, Slimani & Co, to have made an act of presence in a cultural event organized annually by the great humorist who is our Djamel National debbouze. We do not tell you that it is a name involved in an alleged “plot” having targeted the Fennecs during their elimination from the World Cup against Cameroon. Djamel would be the instigator, the financier and why not even the scorer of 2 to 1 in the last seconds of a madness qualifying match for the Qatar World Cup.

It goes without saying that Djamel would be the accomplice of the legend of world football, Samuel Eto’o, who oh sacrilege was not in Marrakech. The ingratitude of the ransom of glory in our region is ultimately hilarious! We knew the relations of the Algiers regime with its children, conflicting and tense, proof Madjer invited to taste the straw of the jails after having trod the grass of the lawns of the world, but there…


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