King Mohammed VI sends a message to pilgrims

King Mohammed VI, sent a message to Moroccan pilgrims to go to the Holy Places of Islam for the year 1443 of the Hegira.

Here is the text of the Royal Message which was read by the Minister of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, Mr. Ahmed Toufiq, on the occasion of the departure of the first contingent of pilgrims, Monday from Rabat-Salé airport:

” Praise to God.

Peace and salvation be upon the Prophet, his family and his companions.

Our blessed pilgrims,

May God protect and keep you,

Assalamu alaikoum wa rahmatollahi wa barakatouh,

In accordance with the praiseworthy tradition which has always been Ours as Amir Al-Mouminine, Protector of the Faith and of the community of Believers and Guarantor of the sacredness and solemnity of religious dogma, We are pleased, as at every pilgrimage season, to address this Message to you, and through you, to all Moroccan pilgrims, men and women, to congratulate you on being on the point of completing the fulfillment of the five canonical obligations of Islam through the pilgrimage you are about to make. Our prayers are with you so that you remain safe and sound there and back, and that your wish to access the Lord’s forgiveness and to be generously rewarded for your efforts may be granted.

We give thanks to the Lord that this global pandemic has ended and that we have been able to gradually resume the normal course of our social activities and worship practices, in strict compliance with barrier gestures and health instructions.

One thing is certain: We are addressing this Message to you to give you Our guidance as to how you should discharge one of the cardinal obligations of Islam, in response to the divine injunction: “And make people announcement for Hajj. They will come to you, on foot, and also on any mount, coming from any distant path. They come there to witness the benefits bestowed on them and to call on the name of Allah on certain days. Try, therefore, may God keep you, to observe the rules of this dogma by conforming to the duties, ritual canons, traditions relating thereto and by keeping you from falling into prohibitions.

Thus, you must, above all, show piety, sincerely committing yourself in good faith to perform the pilgrimage as a whole, keeping in mind that you are in the presence of the Lord and in His hands. Reverential fear, intense recollection and a deep desire for repentance must inspire your actions and protect you against all egocentrism and all affectation. Show exemplary morality during this grandiose gathering to which Muslims from all over the world flock to affirm two major truths that are at the foundation of Islam:

The first truth resides in the proclamation of faith in the Oneness of God the Most High, faith which must be attested by deed and word. In fact, the monotheistic belief must be illustrated at all stages of the pilgrimage, through the adoption of the posture of Ihram (solemn entry into the sacred universe of Hajj), Attahlil (invocation of the uniqueness of God according the ritual formula: laa ilaha ila Lah), Attakbir (the proclamation that God is GREAT) and the imploration of God’s forgiveness.

The second truth is the unfailing attachment to the Law of God which unites all Muslims, regardless of their roots, their languages, their races, their origins. They thus testify to the unitary and egalitarian spirit that animates them and affirms their rejection of inclinations towards extremism, antagonism and ostentation.

The adoption of the posture of Ihram commands one to strip oneself of all worldliness and to devote oneself entirely to the celebration of the greatness and uniqueness of God. It attests to the will of the pilgrim to disengage from any earthly occupation, to sublimate himself morally, to transcend the base instincts and the trivialities of life, to refrain from any conflicting attitude likely to make him commit the forbidden.

The culmination of the worship practice of a lifetime, the pilgrimage is the worship that covers all the ultimate purposes of the Muslim religion, in this case the sincere and exclusive solicitation of God as the only recourse, the administration of the proof that Muslims are all united and equal, the manifestation of the fusional bond that emotionally unites people of the Muslim faith, at all stages of the pilgrimage: the circumambulations around the Kaaba, the comings and goings between Safa and Marwa, the Station at Mount Arafat. To perform these rites, the faithful must show the greatest recollection, ostensibly show their submission to the will of the Lord and remember the day of the last judgment when they will have to give him an account of their actions.

Remember that the exercise of these cults, side by side with such a large number of pilgrims, commands you to arm yourself with patience, restraint, endurance and to defend yourself against anything that can taint the sacredness of the rite of pilgrimage, as the word of God prescribes: “The pilgrimage takes place at known months. If one decides to accomplish it, then no sexual intercourse, no perversity, no argument during the pilgrimage. And the good you do, Allah knows. And take your provisions, but truly the best provision is godliness. And fear me, O you who are endowed with understanding.

Take care therefore, may God keep you, to perform this sublime rite in the required forms and devote all your time to invoking God and imploring His forgiveness, more particularly when you are standing on Mount Arafat, point d Hajj organ. This is how you will access the most generous of rewards, as indicated in the Hadith of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him: “There is no other reward for rewarding an approved pilgrimage than Paradise”.

Our blessed pilgrims,

We have given Our instructions to Our Minister of Endowments and Islamic Affairs to ensure that he constantly deploys all means of care and provides you with all the conditions of comfort, so that you can perform your rites in a copy. For this, in addition to support at each stage of the pilgrimage, you will also benefit from an integrated and efficient framework on the religious, administrative and medical levels.

It is your responsibility to cooperate with the staff appointed for this purpose to meet these requirements, by complying with the instructions and measures taken during your travels, by showing discipline at all times and in all circumstances.

We also invite you to respect the measures and provisions adopted by the authorities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the organization of this sacred season of Hajj, by Royal Order of Our Illustrious Brother, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the King Salman Ibn Abdulaziz, may God keep him, who spares no effort to serve the Lord’s guests. May the Most High reward him very well, grant him good health and long life.

We take this opportunity to also remind you of the duty incumbent on you, while you are staying in the Holy Places during this grandiose gathering of Muslims from all over the world, to represent your country, Morocco, as it should, by giving an image of him that is honorable and consistent with his people’s strong adherence to the values ​​of tolerance and moderation, their attachment to doctrinal unity and the principle of the happy medium, and their rejection of any hint of extremism.

We also urge you to highlight Our constant concern, since the Almighty entrusted Us with the charge of the leadership of Our faithful people, to erect this ideal into a model to be followed in the incarnation of Sunni Islam. middle ground, thus drawing inspiration from the word of God: “Therefore We have made you a community of the righteous that you may be witnesses to the people”.

This testimony which is incumbent on the community of Muslims can only be achieved through attachment to the principle of the happy medium and the rejection of all extremism and radicalism. Be therefore, honorable pilgrims, ambassadors of your country in the embodiment of these noble values, faithful in this to your cultural identity and your national and doctrinal unity.

Our blessed pilgrims,

During your stay in the Holy Places, your most ardent desire will undoubtedly be to go to the Holy Mosque of the Prophet in particular to gather at the immaculate tomb of the most illustrious among men, Our ancestor the Prophet, prayer and peace be upon Him. It is a moment of intense contemplation filled with emotion which offers the opportunity to raise with deference and devotion prayers to His memory.

While praying for yourselves and for your loved ones in this solemn place, as well as in the other holy places, particularly at Mount Arafat where sincere prayers are answered, do not forget to pray for your King who watches over your safety and on the preservation of the unity of your nation, imploring the Most High to assist Us and to guide Our steps on the path of the development of Morocco and for the happiness and growth of its people.

Pray also that He fulfills Us in the person of Our Crown Prince, HRH Prince Moulay El Hassan, as well as all the members of Our illustrious Royal Family, and that He grants His infinite mercy to Our revered Grandfather and to Our August Father, HM King Mohammed V and HM King Hassan II, may God rest their souls in retribution for the works they have accomplished for Morocco in favor of freedom, independence and a rebirth In all areas.

In conclusion, We reiterate Our prayers that the Almighty may accept your pilgrimage and amply recompense your actions, by granting your high wishes and prayers during the fulfillment of this eminently religious obligation, to ultimately enjoy the benefits in the world here. below and into the afterlife and return to your homeland safe and amply rewarded. He has the power to enforce His will and grant wishes.

Wassalamou alaikoum warahmatoullahi wabarakatouhou”.


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