King Mohammed VI sends a message of condolence to the relatives of paleontologist and prehistorian Yves Coppens

King Mohammed VI sent a message of condolences and compassion to the family members of the late Professor Yves Coppens.

In this message, the King says he learned with emotion of the disappearance of the renowned paleontologist and prehistorian, Professor Yves Coppens, who worked throughout his career to make the history of Man accessible to the general public.

“An eminent member of the Hassan II Academy of Sciences and Techniques, he has always offered contributions imbued with profound wisdom”, underlines the Sovereign.

“I will particularly retain the memory of My meeting with Professor Coppens during one of his visits to Morocco. I was struck by the elegance of mind of this man of science who had a great affection for humanity”, adds HM the King.

In this sad circumstance, the Sovereign sends to the family as well as to the relatives and friends of the deceased His heartfelt condolences and the expression of His compassion.


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