His father calls on the government to intervene and opens up about his son's religious beliefs

The young Moroccan, Brahim Saadoun, aged 21, was sentenced to death on June 9, along with two Britons, by the Supreme Court of the said ” Donetsk Republic », and this for « having taken part in the fighting in Ukraine as mercenaries “.

His father, Taher Saadoun, held a press conference on Monday June 27 to lift the veil on the case in which his son is involved, who was just a simple Moroccan student at the Faculty of Aerodynamic and Space Technologies of the kyiv Polytechnic Institute (KPI), before joining, after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, the Marine Corps of Ukraine under a contract, according to the Russian press.

Thus, and during this press conference, Taher Saadoun revealed that after the arrest of his son by the Russian army, his wife seized the Russian embassy in Rabat.

Taher Saadoun indicated that the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Morocco “provided a set of information as well as the outline of the case” of his son.

In this regard, he called on the Moroccan government to intervene ” to save his sonnoting that Morocco moved a mountain to save infant Rayan months ago.

Photo Mounir Mehimdate

Regarding Brahim Saadoun’s latest statements about his religion, and that he was no longer a Muslim, his father, Taher explained that his son is being held in a pro-Russian separatist region, and that he ” has Ddenied his conversion to Islam and claimed he was trans-religious for fear of being accused of being loyal to the Islamic State”.

On this same point, Taher Saadoun recalled in his statement to the press that his son said he believed in all religions ” lest his words be translated into foreign languages ​​and misinterpreted, eventually being accused of allegiance to the Islamic State and Islamic terrorist groupss”.

Photo Mounir Mehimdate

He further pointed out that some of the images shared on social media that attempt to portray his son as being a supporter of “*zionism » and belonging to groups « satan worshipers “are fabricated, before specifying that the account of his son on Facebook was” pirate immediately after his arrest.


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